Makeup for Women with White Hair – Tips, Tricks and 6 Stylish Looks to Copy

by Kremy

White hair is not just about the loss of its natural pigment, it’s also often about feeling “invisible” in a world of brunette, brown hair and blond hair. And no, we are not talking about gray hair. Yes, all gray shades are trendy – silver gray, salt and pepper, ash gray, but there are many women with white hair and this is what we are going to talk about today! What is the best makeup for women with white hair? How to choose the suitable eyeshadow colors, lipstick, blush, eyeliner and mascara? Stay with us to discover the secrets of a stylish look.

What Is the Best Makeup for Women with White Hair?

makeup for women with white hair 6 stylish looks to copy and look gorgeous

The main goal of makeup for women with white hair is not so much to look pretty, but to accentuate the best of our features and make us confident. And confident women are always attractive and beautiful. If we have to be honest, one of the most common makeup mistakes is that mature ladies keep using their cosmetics from the times they were 40 and their skin and hair were much younger. This is the first thing you need to do – get rid of everything that you used a decade ago and get new cosmetics that will help you complement your white hair!

what is the best makeup for women with white hair


The eyes are the most attractive part of the face so they deserve our special attention. Eyes can draw the attention to themselves. As you know there are different eye makeup techniques – accent on the eyes, accent on the lips, natural look, etc. Black eyeliners should be used sparingly. Change them for brown, dark blue or gray.

Eyeshadows should be matte, not glossy. Glitter attracts the attention to wrinkles and emphasizes age-related problems.

makeup for women with white hair to look gorgeous

Blush – this is another cosmetic product that should not be neglected. Choose soft natural, pink or coral shades as they work great with white hair.

Naturalness has returned to fashion. Use a palette of soft, muted tones. Choose a powder and foundation that is as close in tone to your own skin tone as possible, and better a little lighter. This will make your skin look fresher. In any case, the amount of foundation should be minimal.

best makeup for women with white hair tips and tricks

Do not forget the eyebrows! Naturally looking brows for older ladies are a must. Use a pencil to give the brows a fuller look.

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Trendy “No Makeup” Makeup Look

trendy no makeup makeup look

The fact that you are over a certain age does not mean that you should not follow trends, right? Have you heard of the “no-makeup” makeup look? What does it mean? As the name suggests, this technique is about applying an “invisible” makeup. All you need is mascara and some lip gloss.

Minimal Daytime Makeup for Women with White Hair

minimal daytime makeup for women with white hair

Minimal makeup is not the same as “no makeup”. Daytime makeup allows you to create an elegant look without much effort. How to do that? Apply an eyeliner in soft color (brown, gray) and a coat of mascara. Light blush and neutral lipstick will complete your daytime look. You can now go shopping, do all the things you’ve planned for the day, have lunch with friends and you can be sure of your perfect look. A stylish outfit is a must, right? Have you tried the fashionable monochromatic outfits?

Neutral Makeup

neutral makeup for older women with white hair

The neutral makeup is based on the idea that nothing stands out. Choose a muted lipstick color and nude eyeshadows. Dark brown eyeliner and mascara, and light blush will add the finishing touch.

Smokey Eye Makeup for Women with White Hair

smokey eye makeup for women with white hair

Now, the smokey eye makeup for women with white hair should be more restrained. Combine gray and nude shades. Apply gray eyeliner and mascara. Peachy blush and lipstick with delicate gloss and your festive makeup is complete!

Refined and Elegant Makeup for Older Ladies

refined and elegant makeup for older ladies

This is the perfect makeup for festive occasions or formal events. A refined and elegant makeup will accent your noble beauty and complement your age. Nude eyeshadows, brown eyeliner and mascara, delicate blush and pink-peach lipstick will give you a glowing look.

Accent Your Lips with a Bold Color

accent your lips with a bold color

If you want to accent your lips, go for classic red lipstick. White hair is neutral and the contrast to red lipstick will look spectacular. Just make sure that the rest of your makeup is muted and the only thing that stands out is the red lipstick!



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