What’s the Makeup That Makes You Look Older at 50 And What Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost?

by Kremy

What is the makeup makes you look older at 50? Regardless of age, every woman wants to feel beautiful in her own skin. However, WITH age, and especially when it comes to makeup, your techniques can fail you and rob you of your natural beauty… Discover the makeup mistakes to avoid after 50 and how to apply makeup to look younger!

eye makeup mistakes that make you look older after 50

What is the Makeup that Makes You Look Older at 50? + 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Makeup can be both a blessing and a curse. But why the latter? Although makeup is an essential part of many women’s appearance to enhance their natural beauty, it can make you appear older than you actually are. This is due to many factors that we most often ignore. So, today we will talk about makeup mistakes to avoid at 50 and beyond. Usually, when it comes to expressing yourself and feeling beautiful, there are no rules. However, if we want to learn how to adapt our makeup to our features and look absolutely stunning, a few tips are essential! After all, there aren’t many things you can do wrong. So here are three mistakes to avoid and three things that make you visually older.

The Mistake of Skipping Skin Care

skin care tips for women over 50


Before we talk about the makeup makes you look older at 50, we need to talk about the basics… Do you know the basic principles of good makeup and how it lasts on your skin? If not, let me tell you what not to do and what to do! First of all, you should never neglect your skin care routine. Yes, at first it can be a little difficult to get started because you need consistency. And why is it necessary? With age, skin texture changes. It can become too dry, or even too oily for some. And if you don’t wash your face regularly and apply moisturizer, your makeup will make your pores appear larger and your wrinkles more pronounced. This is essential, especially if you wear foundation or BB cream.

  • Clean your face with mild soap or facial cleansing gel.
  • Add a serum (retinol or hyaluronic acid are best for mature skin) for an instant lift.
  • If you go out during the day, add SPF. It is essential to prevent rapid aging of the skin. If you go out in the evening, add a gentle moisturizer.

Here we are! The basics you need! You can also use a toner after cleansing your face to balance the pH of your skin, but it is not obligatory. This routine will allow your makeup to look flawless on your skin and will not make your imperfections more visible.

Makeup That Makes You Look Older at 50: Choosing the Wrong Makeup Colors

what makeup will make you look younger

The choice of colors depends very much on your skin tone. In general, there are three undertones: warm, cool and neutral. Based on this, you can determine which color makes your face look brighter and which one makes it look weird. Let’s take the following example: you like the color pink and you want to buy a bright pink lipstick. However, once you put it on, it doesn’t suit you at all. This is because it clashes with your undertone and makes your skin look older. By default, as we age, we should avoid bright colors because they draw more attention to our wrinkles and skin discoloration. But with the right color, you can make years disappear from your face and look mesmerizing. Here are the colors you should choose according to your skin tone:

  • Cool undertone: pink, blue, fuchsia, coral, ash brown
  • Warm undertone: brown, bronze, copper, red
  • Neutral undertone: you’re so lucky, all colors look great on you!

Less Is More… Right?

most common makeup mistakes to avoid after 50

Finally, the last mistake many women make is applying too much makeup. Too much eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, foundation, blush, highlighter. They do this to distract attention from wrinkles and focus it on the eyes, lips or cheeks… However, when all this is done poorly and you apply too much makeup, you can end up looking older than you actually are. The key, especially as you get older, is to learn to apply less makeup in the right places. Let’s take the example of the photo above. In this first photo, the woman has applied eyeliner to her eyelids. She’s also used a lot of eyeliner under the eye, which makes it appear visually smaller and brings out the wrinkles around the eyes. With very fine eyeliner on the top of the eyelid, along the lash line and a good mascara, you can have dazzling eyes in no time! For lipstick: the lighter is always the better and if you want to wear dark red, you will only resort to mascara.

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How to Apply Makeup at 50?

what makeup makes you look older at 50

Now that you know about the makeup that makes you look older at 50 and how to avoid makeup mistakes, it’s time to learn some techniques that will flatter you! To achieve the perfect rejuvenating look and highlight your natural beauty, here are some helpful tips from the DeaVita makeup team:

  • Apply a very small amount of foundation or BB cream under the eyes and anywhere the skin is discolored.
  • Add a little blush to your fingertips and gently tap your cheekbones. Tap higher, as this will make your face appear more lifted.
  • For eyeliner, simply draw a very subtle line very close to your eyelids.
  • If you like to wear eye shadow, we advise you to opt for light brown. You can also opt for dark brown, but apply it to the outer corners of your eyelids.
  • To make your lips look plump and hydrated, never opt for a matte lipstick. Use creamy or liquid lipsticks!

how to apply makeup at 50

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