Matte Lipstick for Women Over 50 – Is It a Good Idea?

by Stephanie Yankova

What type of lipstick is best for older women? Is it a good idea to wear matte lipstick for women over 50? Which lipstick texture is best for you? Let’s find out! 

Matte Lipstick for Women Over 50: Yes or No?

matte lipstick for women over 50 yes or no

As someone who adores wearing matte lipsticks, I can say that most formulas you can buy from the drugstore are very dehydrating. I am in my 30s and every time I remove my lipstick it leaves my lips so dry I have to use a sugar scrub or apply a lip mask every time before I go to bed. If this is how it’s affecting the skin on my lips now, I can only imagine what it would be like in 20 years’ time! So, based on my personal experience, it’s best to avoid wearing matte lipstick over 50, unless you are willing to spend more money on higher-end cosmetics with moisturizing formulas.

Many world-renowned makeup artists stand behind this notion, too. In an interview for Allure, expert Elaina Badro explains that as we age, our skin produces less natural oils, which leaves our skin feeling drier and more flaky. Wearing matte lipstick will further dehydrate the super-sensitive skin on your lips, which can even lead to irritation. Another negative aspect of this formula is that, unfortunately, it ages you by emphasizing the wrinkles on and around your mouth.

What Lipstick Should You Choose at 50 and Above?

what is the best lipstick for women over 50 color texture

When you reach a certain age, the aim is to use makeup as a tool to refresh and rejuvenate the face. You can achieve that by wearing creamy, glossy lipsticks. The reason why they work in your favor is that their texture reflects light, which actually helps make your appearance much more youthful. Not only that, but they are also much more moisturizing and make your lips appear fuller.

A satin finish lipstick is another great alternative you can try. It appears similar to the matte texture, however, it’s much more nourishing and gentle to the skin. We advise you to look for products with SPF, as the Sun causes your lips to wrinkle, as well as get drier and more pigmented. If you struggle to find such lipstick that fits your budget, apply a lip balm with SPF prior to putting on the lipstick.

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What is the Best Lipstick Color for Over 50?

best shade of red lipstick women over 50

If you’re someone who has thin lips, remember that for you “less is more”. Choosing lipstick in shades such as nude, pastel pink, and bright shades of orange will create the illusion of having fuller lips.

If you have full lips, you’re in luck, because you can continue to enjoy wearing the all-time favorite classic red lipstick. This is also a great makeup trick for women who wear glasses, as the bold color helps balance out the size of the frames.

Another expert tip is to use a pencil to outline your lips before applying lipstick. This will make them look bigger and more defined, and also help you apply the lipstick much easier.

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