Beauty Hacks: TOP Makeup Tips for Women Over 50 to Look Younger

by Kremy

Audrey Hepburn said that the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows. Don’t you agree? Style and elegance combine different elements – hairstyle, hair color, well groomed hands with an impeccable manicure, clothes, etc. No, I did not forget about makeup! Yes, makeup for mature women is a special art. It allows us to look beautiful and attractive, hide age-related skin changes and problem areas, smooth wrinkles and refresh the face. Do you know how to achieve that? Find out our makeup tips for women over 50 to look younger.

Beauty Hacks and Best Makeup Tips for Mature Women

top makeup tips for women over 50 to look younger

Everyone knows that after 50 the skin begins to lose its elasticity and the facial oval becomes less pronounced. At this age we start noticing wrinkles around the eyes and lips, and bags under the eyes become more noticeable. Well that was the bad news. Then what is the good news? Nowadays the market offers many specially designed anti aging products and a lot of cosmetics that can help you conceal these irritating problems. Skin detox routine is also very helpful. No, we are not going to (and we should not) look like a 20 year old woman. However, there are some useful beauty hacks that can help us! Here are the best makeup tips for women over 50 to look younger!

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Here Are the Top Makeup Tips for Women Over 50 to Look Younger

Find out the top makeup tips for women over 50 to look younger


Age-appropriate makeup needs a special approach to create an elegant and well-groomed look. One of the latest trends not only in fashion but in makeup is naturalness. What does this mean? It means the face should look natural, without a mask effect. Of course our makeup tips for women over 50 to look younger will help you but you need to take care of mature skin every day. To be beautiful and fashionable seems difficult, but with some useful beauty hacks, this task is really achievable.

Prepare the Skin for Applying Makeup

Apply a thin layer of light moisturizing cream on clean skin. Let it get absorbed by the skin and you are ready for the next step.

Hide the Imperfections with Concealer

Apply concealer to hide puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Make sure it blends easily. This product is also suitable to concealing redness and age spots. But first, focus on the area under the eyes, paying special attention to the inner corners of the eyes to effectively hide dark circles. Concealers come in different shades, lighter shades mask redness, a peach shade disguises dark circles and dark spots, green neutralizes redness, etc.

natural makeup beauty tips women over 50 to look younger

Apply Foundation for Mature Skin

Skin tone is very important. Use a good creamy foundation. Opt for a shade that almost exactly matches your skin tone, but has a slightly warmer hue. Apply from the center of the face outwards and make sure you blend the foundation very well towards the hairline, ears and neckline.

Take Care of the Eyebrows

The time of thin eyebrows is over! Fluffy brows are trendy and immediately make you look younger. Shape them and fill in any sparse areas for a natural eyebrow look. You can use brow gel or pencil.

beauty hacks and best makeup tips for mature women

Emphasize Your Eyes

Mascara and eyeliner are the basic products that we use. However, eyeshadow can change or correct the shape of your eyes. Opt for neutral colors. Start with a small brush on the outer corner of the eye and move inward so that the color gradually gets lighter. This visually enlarges the eyes.

Apply Mascara

If you want to open your eyes and make them look as big as possible, because it gives them a more youthful look, curl your lashes and then apply mascara. Choose a mascara that looks natural. It is better to use brown instead of black colored mascara.

Makeup Tips for Women Over 50 to Look Younger: Define Your Lips and Apply Lipstick

Using lip gloss is one of the best makeup tips for women over 50 to look younger. Yes, many experts advise to go for matte, but if you use nude, peach or soft pink shades, the glossy lips will give you a youthful look.

makeup for mature skin beauty tips for women over 50

Apply Blush

Even if you applied eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, without blush your face will look dull and lifeless. The blush is the finishing touch. For mature skin, delicate, muted shades of pink or peach are recommended. Start with the upper part of the cheekbone, and then lightly brush diagonally upwards.




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