Makeup Hacks: Why Mascara Smudges and How to Prevent It?

by Kremy

Surely it has happened to you more than once that your mascara got smudged. And no matter what the reason – heat, rain or just spontaneous crying (believe us, it happens to everyone), it’s always annoying when you have to amend your makeup in the middle of the day. But why mascara smudges (even waterproof mascara) and how to prevent it, find out in this article!

why mascara smudges wrong application

You leave the house with perfectly shaped eyelashes and the right amount of black mascara, but when you look in the mirror over lunch, you realize your look is far from perfect. Your mascara is completely runny, making you look tired, unkempt, or at least like someone who had a few too many drinks yesterday. And while some brands promise smudge-free mascara, the problem isn’t with the mascara itself, it’s with your eyes. That’s why we’re sharing a few tricks to prevent your mascara from smudging.

Why Mascara Smudges?

why mascara smudges what are the reasons


So, why mascara smudges? The main reason for smudged mascara is not the mascara itself, but your over-moisturized eyelids. And before you fret about your eyelids, let us tell you that this is good news! Dehydrated eyelids are actually the cause of the first signs of aging around the eyes. And why? Because the skin on your eyelids is extremely thin and delicate, and has few sebaceous glands. So when your eyelids don’t secrete enough moisture, the skin dries out and wrinkles appear as a result.

Another possible reason why your mascara smudges could be the formula. Or more specifically, the ingredients may not bond well with your eyelashes. Fortunately, we have a solution for both problems!

Is Waterproof Mascara Smudge Proof?

is waterproof mascara smudge proof

Not necessarily. Waterproof mascara uses a blend of chemical ingredients to coat your lashes with a formula that’s harder to remove. In most cases, these chemicals are polymers and silicones (the same ingredients found in plastics). However, these waterproof formulas can still run if you have heavily moistened eyelids. So there’s no point in applying a waterproof formula that’s also bad for your lashes (we’ll tell you why in a moment).

Waterproof mascaras are bad for your eyelashes because they dry them out a lot and, over time, cause them to become permanently weakened and very likely to fall out. Therefore, if you need to use waterproof mascara from time to time, we recommend that you only apply a very thin layer of the product and then remove it with extreme caution. Never pull or scrub your eyelashes to remove the mascara.

How Can You Prevent Mascara from Smudging?

how to you prevent mascara from smudging

Most ladies don’t realize that preparing the eyelashes – before applying mascara – is of greatest importance. Follow these steps to apply mascara without smudging!

Curl Eyelashes and Use Mascara Primer

curl your eyelashes so that mascara does not smudge under your eyes

Curl your eyelashes with a quality eyelash curler: this is a great way to prevent mascara from smudging under your eyes.

Use an eyelash primer: Once your eyelashes are curled, apply a mascara primer. Let it dry before applying the mascara. What is the purpose of eyelash primer? It ensures that the ingredients in the mascara adhere better to your eyelashes. How is the mascara primer used? Apply a layer to the upper and lower eyelashes if you want to apply mascara to both lashes. If you only want to apply mascara to the upper lashes, one layer of foundation is enough.

Apply Mascara Properly and Fix It

why mascara smudges and how to prevent it

It’s time for the actual application of mascara. As already mentioned, we recommend that you do not use waterproof mascara. Instead, opt for a mascara with a triple-fix formula that’s free of polymers and silicones. There are commercially available models that use natural ingredients that bond with your lashes and set them in place for the next 12 hours without harming you or the environment.

Proper Mascara Application: Now that you know why Mascara smudges, let’s see how to apply it properly. Some of those smudged mascara stains on your lids may be your fault. If you still apply the mascara on the back of your upper lashes, the stains will surely appear on your upper eyelid as well. Apply mascara only to the front of your upper lashes. If you find you need more than one layer, apply additional mascara only to the tips of the lashes and not the entire lash line.

For the lower lashes, you should not apply more than one coat. You don’t need extra volume under your eyes, and applying too much product can cause mascara smudges under your eyes.

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Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face

touching your face can easily ruin your eye makeup

Touching your face can easily ruin your eye makeup. If you need to wipe your eyes, use a handkerchief to put under your eyelashes. It’s important to develop this habit to keep your mascara from smudging.

We also advise you to gently wipe the area under your eyes regularly throughout the day. In this way you will protect your skin from excess oil and remove the mascara that has accumulated under your eyes.

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