How to Cover Dark Circles on Mature Skin? Here are 5 Effective and Simple Solutions.

by Radost P.

Did you know that eyes are the first part of your face to show signs of ageing? Why is this so? Due to a decrease in collagen production and lack of sleep, the area under your eyes starts to darken. This is a common problem among all mature women. Depending on your skin tone, the dark circles might be more or less visible. Fortunately, there are effective and natural solutions to cover dark circles at 50. If you are a mature woman who wants to know how to improve and treat the dark circles under your eyes, this article is for you!

what to use for dark circles under eyes at age 50

How can I hide dark circles at 50?

All you need is to use several products and do some makeup tricks. No worries, we will give you our best suggestions in a minute. Keep in mind that when it comes to professional creams, you need to make sure that they’re super moisturizing. This will guarantee that you get the result you’re after. If you want to know how to cover the dark circles under your eyes, keep on reading.

Effective and Simple Ways to Cover Dark Circles

how to treat dark circles effectively women over 50 years


The main issues with dark circles that most people have, is the fact that they make them look unhealthy or tired. Yet, this might not be necessarily true. As we discussed above, there are many other reasons for dark circles to appear and become more visible. Most of the treatments available are not permanent, but if you use them regularly, they can definitely work. Besides, since not every option is suitable for everyone, it’s best to consult your doctor as well. Now, here are the top solutions that we strongly recommend for you to try.

Take Care of Your Sleep Patterns

lack of sleep decrease in collagen solution to dark circles

You are probably surprised that this is our first suggestion. Yet, having a sleep hygiene is something really important that should not be neglected. It makes you feel refreshed and energized. Due to busy work schedules or home responsibilities, many people do not get at least 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis. Moreover, a lack of sleep can make your face skin look paler and lead to under-eye dark circles. So, take care of yourself.

Fresh Cucumber

cucumber as a natural solution to lack of collagen dark pigmentation under eyes

If you are a fan of natural solutions, this method is for you. This vegetable has a soothing effect on your skin. Cut the cucumber in tiny slices and put them in the fridge for about an hour. Afterward, apply the slices on your dark circles for about 10–15 minutes. You can take a nap while waiting. Another option is to make cucumber juice. To see a result, you should do this procedure for several weeks.

Professional Laser Therapy

professional laser therapy for dark circles

What’s good about professional laser therapy is that the recovery time is minimal. Not only that the procedure removes dark circles, but it also enhances your skin’s youthfulness. This method can stimulate the production of collagen – the protein that makes your skin more elastic. Laser-based therapy might be useful for you in case you want to get rid of the problem in a quicker way. In all cases, you should first discuss the root cause of dark circles with your doctor.

Cover Dark Circles at 50, Using a Natural Lemon Juice

lemon juice natural remedies healthy collagen production

Do you know that vitamin C has skin-lightening effects? Lemon juice is rich in this vitamin, and that’s why it can help you in treating under-eye dark circles. This is an effective and simple natural remedy that is known to have a lot of health benefits. So, you need a cotton ball to apply the juice on the right place. Then, leave it for approximately 10 minutes. As with the cucumber, you should use this method for about a few weeks, if you want to see a change.

Professional Skin-Lightening Creams

skin-lightening creams moisturizing effect

The skin under your eyes is really thin and delicate, so it is wise to use a proven formula when treating dark circles. As its name suggests, a skin-lightening cream works by lightening the dark circles under your eyes. It does so thanks to the fact that it contains certain active ingredients, like acids. After a period of time using this type of creams, the dark circles may completely disappear. Professionals advise on starting to use skin-lightening cream as soon as you notice issues, in order to prevent them.

In a nutshell, having dark circles over 50 is a completely normal thing that most women complain about. As a whole, this process can be a result of many factors taken together. For example, a decrease in production of collagen, lack of sleep, sun exposure, or even allergies. What bothers most people, is that they may look exhausted or unhealthy in the eyes of others. Fortunately, there are many simple and effective solutions to cover dark circles at 50. We hope that this article gave you useful ideas to try.

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