What concealer color should be used to hide dark circles under the eyes on mature skin? What treatments reduce them?

by Kremy

Sadly, dark circles under the eyes are a common beauty problem that gets even worse with age. But did you know that the color of your circles can help you identify the specific reason for their appearance? So you can not only hide dark circles under the eyes more effectively, but also treat your skin to reduce them. So let’s see what the possibilities are, including the right actions, skin care and makeup.

What causes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes?

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As we age, our skin becomes thinner and less elastic, which is the result of reduced collagen production and lack of fat cells. Thus, the blood vessels under the skin of our eyes become more visible, which inevitably darkens the area. Poor quality sleep, poor blood circulation and insufficient toxins disposal can further worsen the situation. And there are also genetic factors that should not be underestimated…

Tell me the color of your dark circles and I’ll tell you their cause…

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So, before trying to hide dark circles under the eyes, it’s worth recognizing their particular origins, right? This is how to make a quick diagnosis of the problem, according to the appearance of the circles and their shade which is very revealing…

What about purple dark circles?

Purple circles under the eyes are most common in people with medium to dark skin tones. Their main causes are family heredity and increased skin pigmentation that occurs with age. To treat and hide purple dark circles, there are whitening creams that contain retinol or antioxidants like vitamin C. For best results, look for one that matches your skin type and age.

Reddish brown dark circles

When the skin below the lower eyelids has a dark, brown and slightly reddish color, genetic factors and especially the thinning of the skin in this area caused by its aging are to blame. It’s basically blood vessels becoming quite apparent through the more translucent fair skin. Consider collagen and retinol eye care to address the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

The cause of dark lines

When the half-moons under your eyes are deep and “shadowy”, it is most often the loss of fatty tissue in the skin of the face that causes them. Apart from rapid or excessive weight loss, this phenomenon occurs naturally at the age of 40, 50 or 60, depending on the genes. Logically, there is no cream that could magically fill in the crease between the eyes and the cheeks, but certain cosmetic procedures, facial massages and facial yoga prove to be beneficial in reducing its visibility.

What gives us blue circles

Blue circles under the eyes are usually caused by lack of sleep or a stressful lifestyle. Allergies and other conditions that give you a stuffy nose can also make bluish arches worse. The corresponding medications aside, try antioxidant creams with active ingredients such as caffeine to improve blood circulation in this area. A gentle facial massage can also be effective.

How to reduce and hide dark circles under the eyes?

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Before hiding blue, brown or purple dark circles with the appropriate makeup, it is advisable to reduce their initial appearance. Here are some good practices, tips and beauty rituals that are considered beneficial:

Getting a facial massage with a stone roller

According to some sources, homemade procedures with a jade, rose quartz or amethyst roller offer multiple anti-dark circle benefits. Such a massage improves circulation, removes toxins from the eye area, reduces under eye bags, reduces inflammation, refreshes the skin and tones the face.

Invest in the right products to hide dark circles under the eyes

Dark circle gels, serums and creams are now widely available and there are products for every skin type, age and budget. Their innovative formulas enriched with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and therapeutic plant extracts are specifically developed to treat dark circles from the inside out.

Adapt your makeup routine to your mature skin

Concealing imperfections becomes more and more difficult each year and the needs of our skin change as well. So even if you knew how to apply makeup when you were 30 or 40, your routine may be inadequate after 50 if you haven’t updated it in a while.

How to wear makeup at 50+ to hide dark circles under the eyes?

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Of course, the essential preparatory steps are: cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect the skin using a high SPF product. And then? Well, it depends on several factors, but there are many good examples to look at. Here’s a complete guide on natural makeup at 60 in steps for a rejuvenating transformation!

What is the best concealer for me?

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Do you know what the best concealer is? The one that matches the needs of your skin and your specific problem! To hide dark circles under the eyes successfully, examine their particular shade and then invest in the right concealer. But which one to choose to hide dark circles and get an “8 hours of sleep” effect?

As a general rule, choose a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, as this will help lighten the area. Then, rely on the principle that the opposite colors on the chromatic wheel cancel each other out, which applies very well to makeup for imperfections. For example, the green concealer neutralizes the red spots.

So, to hide blue circles, go for a peachy-toned concealer, which is an orangey-beige. Purple circles will be erased by a slightly yellowish concealer, and brown shadows – by a light beige concealer with fresh ivory highlights. Of course, everything is individual, but it’s a good starting point to hide dark circles under the eyes effectively.



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