How to disguise jowls with makeup after 50? A short guide to a smooth face without wrinkles or surgery

by Kremy

Because we at don’t want to go through surgery, we prefer to use the right makeup techniques to look younger after 50. Plus, it’s cheaper! Find out how to disguise jowls with makeup after 50. Follow our little guide to smooth your face and gain a few years along the way!

How to disguise jowls with makeup after 50 (or more)?

How to disguise jowls and wrinkles with makeup after 50 or 60

As we age, the skin on the face loses its elasticity. Its contour becomes less clear. The facial muscles lose their tone as the fat in the tissues begins to move downward making the face round and irregular. The result? A double chin, droopy eyelids and jowls. In short, the recipe for a tired and sad face that has gained 10 more years. But do not panic! We shall tell you how to disguise jowls with makeup after 50 to erase that unsightly little hollow in the jawbones.

How to disguise jowls with makeup after 50 with contouring?

How to disguise jowls wrinkles puffiness at 50 years old with makeup contouring mature skin video


Since contrast is the key when it comes to makeup to look younger, we obviously rely on contouring. However, when moving from one age group to another, the skin does not necessarily have the same skin problems as it did at 20. The makeup routine will therefore no longer be the same. In any case, the first step is to moisturize the skin before evening out the complexion and concealing wrinkles with a good CC anti-aging cream. Then, we take a foundation, a blush, a brightener and some big brushes before attacking the video tutorial below.

How to contour mature skin at 50?

Conceal the double chin to refine the face

You don’t see double! It’s just your chin that has become doubled after 50. But rest assured, all it takes is a few brush strokes to disguise it, or even lift it. Apply a blush darker than your natural skin tone on the lower part, a little transparent powder to blend everything well and voila! Your double chin is gone! Next, draw the eye to your cheekbones with a more acidic blush. Finally, highlight your nose by simply applying a dark blush on its wings and a touch of highlighter on the tip.

Restore volume to your cheekbones to disguise jowls

makeup tips for women over 50 mature skin to conceal wrinkles jowls

The idea of makeup after fifty? Conceal your flaws and highlight your assets. So we keep this in mind when making up our jowls. To disguise them, we draw attention to our pretty cheekbones by emphasizing them with a good highlighter pen. However, avoid iridescent blushes which, like pearly eye shadows, are prohibited after 50, as they tend to mark wrinkles. Not to mention that they add volume instead of slimming the face. To sculpt your cheekbones, use a sun-kissed highlighter or a pink matte blush to apply to the cheekbones. A natural lifting effect is guaranteed!

Apply makeup to the lips to conceal saggy cheeks

makeup jowls and cheekbones to fill in wrinkles and refine the face after 50 60 years natural facelift

To disguise the jowls and lift the face after 50 years, makeup for the mouth is a special priority! No matter your age, lipstick is the only beauty product that totally transforms your look, making it fresh and radiant in seconds. Choosing the right lipstick color for 50 and knowing how to apply it like a pro will help you gain confidence. What shades to choose after 50 to make you look younger? Peach pink, pink nude, brown nude, coral and wine red. In terms of texture, skip the matte formulas and opt for moisturizing, long-lasting lipsticks. By making up your lips well, you put the focus there by visibly concealing the imposing jowls.

Enlarge the eyes to look younger

how to makeup hollow cheeks and double chin after 50 contouring mature skin

For women in their fifties, the older they get, the more important the role of the eyebrows becomes, because they help structure the eyes. So, think about filling them in and making them denser with a pencil or mascara that is exactly your color if you are blonde, brunette or redhead. Then, brush them upwards. For a natural lifting effect, you should also work the upper and lower lash line with a dark pencil, making sure to extend the line to lengthen the look. And if there’s one detail in your makeup that you shouldn’t overlook, it’s probably mascara. With each age group, it happens that the eyelashes become lighter and less dense. Skipping the mascara step can give you a sad or even tired look.

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