Short Nail Shapes 2023: Which Is the Right One for You? 18 Stunning Designs for Short Nails

by Kristiyana

Are you looking for a trendy manicure in 2023? Do you feel like all the best and most beautiful trends are only focused on longer nail shapes? Well, sorry to tell you, but you are wrong this time! Short nail shapes are currently having their moment. This could be due to the fact that lately there has been a shift in focus towards a more clean nail look. This year, it is not so much about the colour or glitter design, but about having strong and healthy nails. Hence, opting for a shorter shape can improve the look of your nails. But which short nail shape is the right one for you? Which design to go with for Spring 2023? Find out now!

Which short nail shape to choose in 2023?

which nail shape is for you_which nail shape suits you

In the following image, you can see 7 of the most popular nails shapes in 2023. When it comes to short nails, the square, squoval, round and oval nail shapes are the easiest to pull off and most practical. Nonetheless, almond, ballerina/coffin, and stiletto nail shapes can also be created with short nails. Here is some advice and how to pick the best one for you depending on your nails and preferences:

Short square nails: The square nail shape is super practical and easy to maintain. If you tend to do a lot of cleaning or washing up, this nail shape would suit you greatly.

Squoval nails: Similar to square nails, but with rounder edges, this short nail shape is also functional and low-maintenance. It’s often used on ingrown nails.

Short round nails: Looking to elongate your fingers? Go with the short, round nail shape. Easy to maintain and great if you have narrow nail beds.

Oval nail shape: A popular choice for a lot of women. The oval nail shape will once again make your fingers look longer and more slender.

Short almond nails: The almond nail shape is my favourite. It elongates your fingers, but it’s harder to maintain. If you do a lot of work with your hands, just like I do, there is a higher risk of breaking a nail. Keep that in mind.

Short ballerina/coffin nails: This shape is certainly an eye-catcher. However, it is not very practical. If you have weaker nail beds, best to opt for shorter ballerina/coffin nails.

Short stiletto nails: Unique and extravagant, stilettos nails will certainly put you in the spotlight. However, because of their pointy tip, they are very easy to break. But short stiletto nails are also possible.

Short nail shapes designs for this Spring

glitter nails_trendy nail designs


Did you already pick the nail shape you will go with in 2023? Alright then, let’s look through some beautiful and trendy designs for your short nails! Are you feeling this squoval sparkly pink manicure? I sure am! Ideal for springtime, wouldn’t you say?

Round shape colour block nails

colourful nails_designs for short nails

We can debate here whether the shape of the nails is round or squoval, but I don’t think that’s the highlight in this mani. Colour-blocking nails are trending like crazy in 2023. A simple, yet unique designs that will put your nails in the spotlight.

Short stiletto nails design 2023

stiletto nails_short stiletto nails 2023

What are your thoughts on these short black French tip stiletto nails? I personally think that they are super stylish, and suitable for any occasion.

Unique green tones nail art idea

unique nail designs_green nails ideas

What says Spring more than shades of ethereal green? Opt for this unique wavy mani with tones of green, and be ready in time for those sunnier days ahead.

French mani for short nail shapes

classic French manicure_French mani 2023

And what about a classic French manicure for your short nail shape? French manis aren’t just for long nails. As you can see, you can easily pull it off with your short square nails.

Sunny yellow florals nail design

square nails_short square shape

And what about some sunny vibes for Spring 2023? Sunflowers have always been my favourite flower, and yellow is my fav colour. Could not think of a better manicure for springtime.

Short ballerina nail shapes 2023

short ballerina nails_short coffin nails

Want to pull off a ballerina/coffin nail shape, but fear that your nails are too short? From the image above, you can see that it is possible. But remember, these nails are not that practical and can easily break.

Shades of green on round nails

short oval nails_green nails ideas

More green nails? You bet! Wearing green on your nails gives you an eye-catching and creative look. You can also wear this cute mani for St. Patrick’s Day 2023!

Cute multicolour French tip mani

short floral nails_florai nail designs 2023

And you can’t not love the multicolour French tip trend of 2023! Spice up classic French tip nails with different colours, and complete the look with cute daisy decorations.

Lovely pink short nails for Spring

pink nails_pink nails ideas 2023

Looking for more manicure ideas for Spring? You are at the right place! Pink is trending like crazy this year, so what better way to complete your trendy pink outfit than with a pink florals mani? Very feminine and a great look for short nails.

Subtle sparkle for short nail shapes

simple nail designs_nail designs 2023

And if you are looking for a very subtle, yet glamorous nail design for your short nail shape, opt for this sparkly manicure! You can even make it by yourself at home. A clean and stylish look for your short nails.

Fairy nails on short round shape

fairy nails_fairy nails trend

Did you already hear about the latest Fairy Nails trend? Influenced by the trendsetter queen Hailey Bieber, fairy nails give you a clean, yet eye-catching and chic look for any occasion. Plus, they are very easy to achieve. Ideal for short nails.

Springtime lavender nails design

lavender nails_short round nails

And what about going for some purple? Lavender makes one think of peace, harmony, romance, and Spring. These purple floral nails will give you a very feminine and beautiful look for your short nails.

Original short stilettos shape idea

oval nails shape_oval nail designs

More nail art designs for the short stiletto shape? You have it! These nails are very original, and you can be sure that you will be one of the few that will get to wear them.

Spring florals for short nail shapes

spring nails_spring 2023 nail designs

You saw some green nail art designs, but did we mention any with lovely florals? I don’t think so! Sage green is one of the trendiest colours in 2023. From interior design to fashion, it’s a great tone of green to also wear on your nails this Spring.

Wavy blue French tip nails 2023

summer nail designs 2023_blue nails ideas

Oh, I adore this one! A short French tip with a wavy design? What more could you want for your ideal spring or summer mani? And the mix between blue and white makes it all the more stunning.

Pastels for short square nail shapes

nail trends 2023_short nail shapes

And where are we without pastels? Opt for a mix of pastels manicure for your short square nails in 2023. It’s a super stylish and chic look.

Colourful French tip for short stilettos

short stiletto nails_popular nail shapes 2023

And yet again a beautiful multicoloured French tip mani, but this time on the short stiletto nail shape. A unique and fashionable look.


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