Short French tip nails 2023: 20 trendy nail art designs to inspire you for your next manicure

by Kristiyana

Are you like me, having troubles growing out your nails? Or you just prefer to wear them short? Doesn’t it often seem like basically most nail art designs are for longer nail shapes? Yeah, I know, it can be frustrating… But get this, I happen to know that short French tip nails are going to have their moment in 2023. You know what that means, don’t you? Us girls with shorter nails get to be part of the trend and explore many different and unique designs! Just have a look at these 20 ideas that our expert editors picked out!

Short square French nails with glitter tips


Let’s prove to you that short nails can also pull-off a beautiful French mani! Just look at these silvery tips on a neutral nail polish. A very glamorous, but yet classy look.

Red square baby tips nails 2023



And if you prefer more simple nail art designs, you can opt for this short French red tips nails manicure. It’s a delicate design that you can also try to make at home.

Black short French tips nails with sparkle


I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve seen a lot of girls with trendy short nails sporting the black French manicure look. Make it even more eye-catching with some sparkle!

Square multicoloured nail tips trend


Oh, yes, we are coming to my favourites! I really enjoy a colourful nail art, and these multicoloured French tips are certainly a 2023 nail trend that you must try.

Short French nails with green tips


Another simple and elegant design. If your favourite colour is green, you can easily pull off this short French tip nails look.

Square matte pink tips nail art 2023


I just love the colour pink, don’t you? In 2023, we are going to see a lot of it in fashion thanks to the Barbicore trend. And these short matte pink French nails are just something to start with!

Silver baby tips on short round nails


What I really like about the short French tip nails trend, is that it is super simple, yet elegant and comes in various of different and unique designs. Just look at these glitter baby tips. A clean, but mesmerizing look.

Pastel-coloured French tips nail art


Pastel colours also happen to be a favourite of mine. These pastel short French tips will be a top choice for your summer manicure this 2023.

Red French nails tips with flowers art


Looking for a short French tips mani that has a more intricate design? Why not opt for this super cute and girly red tips nail art featuring flowers? I know I am going to try it!

Shades of blue short French tip nails


Think that French tips manicures are a bit boring? Wrong! Experiment with different shades of a single colour to create an original look for your nails.

Orange baby tips on short square nails


In need of more ideas for your spring or summer manicure? Opt for orange baby tips! They look super cute and fresh, and will give you the sunny mood you seek.

Golden French manicure with painted flowers


And what about trying a glamorous golden Frenchy with some intricate flower decorations? Perfect nails for a more special occasion.

Colourful French nails 2023 trend


If you love the classic French mani, but want to enhance it a bit, I think this design is just for you. These colourful shot nails feature white tips with a pop of colour. What’s not to love here?

Short French pink tips with simple nail art


Another cute pink nail art? You bet! Get your French nail tips coloured in thin pink and white lines, with an addition of a sweet tiny heart on one of your nails.

Classic white French mani with sunflowers


We know that the classic French manicure with white tips is a hit, but have you tried it with an addition of beautiful sunflowers art? If you haven’t then I strongly advise you give it a try!

Trendy purple, red and orange nail tips


There is something about the combination between purple, red, and orange that just gives me the idea of style and a bit of retro vibes. Golden jewellery will look especially good with these nails.

Yellow French tips with cute lemon nail art


And for those of you looking for something fun and creative, try the short French yellow tips featuring this cute lemon art. Looking at these nails will certainly give you a smile.

Colour pop French design on short nails


This nail art design consists of a French mani and a minimal half-moon shape. The colours alternate to create this unique and bright design, that would be the ideal summer look.

Classic French nails with rhinestones 2023


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Or rhinestones in this occasion. Here, the classic French look is made all the more captivating with an addition of small rhinestones and a glassy finish.

Short French red tips with hearts nail art


Just because Valentine’s Day has passed, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cute short French mani with red tips and hearts nail art, right?

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