Short nails trend 2023: How to take care of them? Plus 10 nail art designs to choose from!

by Kristiyana

Some women always have short nails. Either because they like to bite them or because their manicure is fragile. Either way, they’ll be happy to hear that XS nails are still in for 2023! Thank you, Kim Kardashian and Rosalia! Last year, our favourite stars swapped their beloved long stiletto nails for more discreet ones. And it seems that the same will go for this one! So, do you have a favourite design already? Still hesitating? A mini manicure doesn’t mean you can’t go for a look that would make the singer of “Malamente” swoon. Even the shortest nails can be dressed up with rhinestones and trendy nail polish colours. Just have a look!

It’s official: Short nails are still in for 2023!


Where exactly did this new nail addiction come from? Unsurprisingly, the role of social networks is key. Nails are among the most searched categories on Instagram. This is not surprising, because everything is visual, especially in the accounts of our favourite celebrities. For several years now, stars have been addicted to extravagant nail art. At the top of the list? Kim Kardashian, of course.



In addition to setting the makeup trends, the beautista is also a big influence when it comes to nails, hence her flawless short manicure here. And everyone knows that whatever Kim does with her looks, the world is sure to follow. Other celebrities who are also part of the trend include Generation Z artists such as Billie Eilish and Rosalia. And while for some of you this may be a detail, for us at it means a lot.

You can see them on the catwalk and social media


If the prettiest Kardashian sister is one of the biggest celebs to take the plunge, the persistency of the XS nail shape has also been monitored in a lot of runway looks. 2022 was just the beginning for this trend. In 2023, we are sure to see a lot more when it comes to short nail designs. However, we can’t help but wonder: How long will it last?

How to make short nails look good?


When you have a short manicure, you don’t want to put them in the spotlight. They’re curved, covered in cuticles, chipped… in short, not at all pleasant to look at. However, XS nails are no excuse for not taking care of them. Without opting for sophisticated nail art, the least you can do is push back your cuticles. Long or short, manicure cuticles require regular moisturizing, just like the skin on your face and body.


It is therefore important to opt for a cuticle treatment to be applied on and around the nails to strengthen them. For those who of you who love the good old but effective natural granny remedies, castor oil is a good choice. Picking the right nail shape is also a good way to enhance your short nails. The most flattering at the moment? The Squoval one! See in detail!

What is the Squoval nails shape?


Nails can be in a variety of shapes. But when the time comes to choose the most flattering one for our hands, we are overcome with hesitation. Spotted by Kim Kardashian, Squoval nails are halfway between square and oval nails. Why would you choose them? Well, because they look good on all hands!

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They combine the structured effect of the square shape with the rounded softness of the oval manicure. In short, Squoval nails are sure to please everyone. How to adopt them at home? Super easily! Use your nail file to form straight edges and then a rounded shape on the outer part of the nail. This manicure is suitable for both light and dark nail polishes, not forgetting the major trends of the summer—baby boomer, reverse French, nude manicure, etc. So, don’t hesitate and go for discreet but ultra chic nails.

Graphic manicure on short nail shape


Short blue manicure for spring


Green nail polish to enhance well-groomed XS nails


Short and discreet manicure in powder pink


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