How to wear thigh high boots at 50? Our ideas and tips for a very chic look

by Kremy

Essential boots for winter and always on the rise, thigh high boots are particularly appreciated by fashionable girls. In addition to elongating the silhouette, these ultra-trendy shoes are available in a wide range of models to meet the preferences of all women. And if you think maxi boots are usually meant for the younger crowd, think again! Today I will show you how to wear thigh high boots at 50 without looking vulgar. Yes, yes, it is quite possible. Read on to discover some good ideas in photos, as well as fashion tips to follow.

how to wear thigh high boots at 50 years winter fashion ideas outfits tips

How to wear thigh high boots at 50?

Style has no age and there are plenty of women in their 50s or 60s proving this credo. However, the question “can you wear thigh high boots at 50” is one of the most popular searches on social networks in recent times. After a certain age, many women refuse to wear these bold boots for fear of looking vulgar. A very bad idea Flat, heeled, leather, or suede, thigh-high boots are THE winter boots of 2023 and they usually slip under a long winter skirt or dress. Similarly, combinations with shorter pieces or with jeans are also possible. The main thing is to create a simple and minimalist outfit! To succeed in this task, I suggest you first discover the top combinations and then I will give you some fashion tips for a youthful and stylish look. Let’s go!

Dare to wear the trendy boots with a mini skirt for a top look this winter!

what skirt with thigh high boots fashion women over 50 winter outfit idea


What skirt to wear with thigh high boots to stay warm and on top of trends at the same time? Over-the-knee boots go just as well with long skirts as with short ones. Indeed, thigh high boots are the perfect excuse to bring out the mini skirts in winter even at 50. Thanks to their maxi height, the thigh high boots keep our legs warm while creating a trendy and slender silhouette. Finish the look with a long winter coat and that’s it!

Trendy outfit for women over 50: Go for the winter dress!

wear thigh high boots without looking vulgar at 50 winter dress trendy

To stay elegant and sleek at 50, I recommend wearing thigh high boots with knit sweater dress this winter. This is another must have piece that you need to have in your wardrobe for the cold season. Do not hesitate to belt it to better mark your waist. The fluid, leather and printed models go wonderfully well with both flat and heeled thigh high boots. The same is valid for the knee-length trapeze dress. To be worn with a straight cut overcoat or with a bathrobe coat.

How to wear thigh high boots with jeans at 50?

how to wear thigh high boots with jeans at 50 winter fashion tips for women

Although thigh high boots are best paired with short items (skirts, dresses and even shorts), it is also possible to wear them with a pair of jeans. Indeed, combinations of this kind are rare, but they are not impossible. You just need to know how to avoid fashion mistakes. So, opt for high-waist skinny jeans and put on a long knit sweater to camouflage the buttocks and balance the proportions. Moreover, white jeans will also do the trick.

How to wear thigh high boots without being vulgar at 50?

what clothes to wear with thigh high boots at 50

As I mentioned at the beginning, many 50-somethings dread wearing thigh high boots because they have a bad reputation for being vulgar or inappropriate at a certain age. With a few good fashion tips, you can easily avoid these headaches and put together a stylish winter outfit. In the end, it’s all about balance. Here are my tips:

Keep it simple and elegant!

Choose natural materials and matching colors. I recommend that you go for neutral shades in winter that are very easy to combine without any problem. Pay attention to the length of your dress, skirt or shorts in relation to the height of the thigh high boots. That said, avoid having too much of a gap between the two pieces as you risk looking smaller.

Choose a pair of practical thigh high boots

What does that mean exactly? First, buy a neutral color model. As I mentioned above, these shades go together and help composing a stylish and balanced outfit. Second, watch out for the soles! Ideally, you want to get thigh high boots that harmonize with your style and with the majority of your outfits. Over-the-knee boots come in a wide range of heels, but chunky-soled pieces are also worth considering.

Casual chic outfit idea with heeled thigh high boots for women over 50

can you wear thigh high boots at 50 winter outfit idea chic oversize dress

Maxi-height boots go perfectly with long winter coats

what outfit with high heeled boots in winter women 50 years old fashion tips

Thigh high boots are rarely worn with jeans, but you can create chic combinations

trendy outfit jeans with above the knee boots

Don’t underestimate long knitted winter dresses

what to wear with thigh high boots long knitted dress womens fashion

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