How to wear a sweater dress? Welcome the sweater-weather in style with our favorite looks!

by Gabby

Sweater-weather is officially here, ladies! However, if you are used to being elegant in your everyday life, that does not mean that you have to neglect your style and put the good old sweaters on. Here comes the sweater dress! You can still feel warm and look absolutely feminine and stylish. They can go well with many of your autumnal shoes, coats, or accessories. Check out my favorite sweater dress looks for this fall season!

How to wear a sweater dress and look stunning?

how to wear sweater dress and be fashionable 2022 fashion trends

What is a sweater dress? It is basically a long version of our well known pullover sweaters. They come in different lengths, with buttons or no buttons, loose or very fitted to your body. There are so many styles you can explore and different ways you can wear them. They can be a very comfortable autumnal garment if styled properly. Let’s check a few of the autumnal classics!

1.  Long sweater dress with boots – classy and elegant

sweater dresses boots autumnal outfits trends 2022 how to wear


This is definitely a classic sweater dress look. Combining it with your favorite autumnal heeled boots will make you look sophisticated. The long length of the dress, elevates the style and gives it this businesswoman vibe. If you describe yourself as elegant, minimalistic but glamorous, this could be the way to go when styling a sweater dress.

2. Grab your coat and put some over-the-knee boots!

how to wear sweater dresses with coat over the knee boots classy trendy

One of the most wearable looks when it comes to sweater dresses is coordinating them with over-the-knee boots and a coat. The coat is a must-have for the colder days. I have one in black, gray and in beige. I wear them with everything, sometimes I even try the Heiley Bieber style – long coat with sneakers. Here the combination of a turtleneck sweater dress, over-the-knee boots and a coat will surely keep you warm and cozy, but let’s not forget how stylish it looks. It is giving girl boss vibes!

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3. Ribbed sweater dress

ribbed sweater dress style 2022 dua lipa fashion trends

The ribbed fabric made a huge comeback on the 2022 fashion trends. We see it on dresses, skirts, tops and even leggings. The ribbed sweater dress is one of the most flattering styles that you can try on for the autumn. It is with no doubt going to give you this seamless look with a hint of chic and sophisticated. If you are not ready to grab your boots yet, try combining it with sneaker or loafers. It will be trendy and modern, but comfy at the same time!

4. Try a bulky one, you will not regret it

bulky sweater dress over size trends 2022 how to wear

I love these chunky sweaters, it feels like you are snuggling in your favorite blanket. That makes me feel so cozy. Imagine this, but a dress? What a cool way to welcome the cold days, but still show that you are a true fashionista at the same time! If you want to make it more flattering on your body, you can just put your favorite belt, and the dress will fit like a glove.

5. Let’s match it with some cowboy boots

sweater dress cowboy boots trendy 2022 fashion trends autumn clothes

Cowboy boots are such a hit in this year’s fashion trends. I see Instagram models match them with pretty much everything. Why not match them with a sweater dress? I really enjoy these looks where you are not trying too much, but still look gorgeous.

6. Loafers

sweater dress with loafers big trends for 2022 very chic autumn favorites

If you haven’t found out yet, loafers are back, and they are here to stay! They are countless ways you can style them, but we are going to try with a long, off the shoulder sweater dress. The good thing here is that you will be wearing two of the trendiest piece of this Fall season. Get ready for some compliments, because I am sure they are coming your way! Check out these 7 different ways you can wear loafers.

7. Accessories for more bling

how to wear a sweater dress accessories trends for 2022 autumn winter clothes

A good way to personalize an outfit is to play with your favorite accessories to create the perfect look! You can explore your style and check what will suit you the best when it comes to sweater dresses. They go with hats, belts, jewelry, small bags, big bags, boots, sneakers, loafers, or even some trendy hair accessories. It pretty much depends on what look you want to achieve.

8. A black blazer, this autumn must-have

sweater dress with a blazer very trendy chic cozy vibes 2022

Ah… we cannot forget about the black blazer! This piece is my go-to when it comes to creating a simple but trendy look, without trying so hard. Pairing it with a sweater dress will give you a casual style, and you can still get creative with the accessories.

9. Button up sweater dress

button up sweater dress how to wear it in style 2022 trends in fashion

For my brave girls out there, that are not afraid to show curves, this is the dress for you.  This kind of button-up sweater dress will elongate your figure, and you won’t be able to stop checking yourself in the mirror. You can combine it with long boots, loafers or military shoes if you want a more bulky look.

10. A knit two-piece

two piece knit sweater dress trends 2022 different styles

The two-piece knit set is a different take on the sweater dresses. Nothing beats a matching set! You can pair it with heeled boots and go to the office. You can combine it with sneakers and go to brunch. No matter what you choose, you will look effortlessly stylish!

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