Fall outfits for women over 50: With these clothes you can create great combos

by Kremy

It’s usually easier to dress up in summer – you just put on a dress and go. But the fall season usually requires a little more thought, especially if you’re a woman over 50. You might think that the current fall fashions, such as off-the-shoulder sweaters, tall boots, and plaid mini skirts, just don’t suit you. In this article, we’ll help you perfect the fall outfits for women over 50.

Fall outfits for women over 50 – clothes that should be in your wardrobe

Oversized blazer & trench coat

fall outfits for women over 50 the trench coat is a timeless piece

Oversized blazers add the perfect touch of casual style to your look. An oversize blazer should be slightly longer and looser on you, but not baggy and sloppy. Also, you should pair this oversized blazer with a pair of tight fitting and top. Of course you know what suits you best. So if you feel like an oversized fit isn’t for you, then a blazer jacket is a good alternative that still looks casually chic.

Autumn outfits for women over 50 – The trench coat is a timeless piece that gives your outfit a Parisian flair. This lightweight garment is ideal for fall and goes with everything you wear. Wrap a scarf around your neck to look très chic!

Fall outfits for women over 50 with denim jacket & cardigan

A denim jacket is the perfect piece of clothing for the fall


A denim jacket is the perfect transitional garment when the weather gets a little cooler. Denim is a great material to have in your closet. It can “ground” a look and add some color at the same time!

Cardigan is an essential piece of clothing all year round, but especially in the fall. This garment not only keeps you warm but also adds an extra layer to your outfit that makes it more interesting. For fall, ditch your fitted cardigans and instead look for something slightly chunky in a cozy knit fabric.

Animal Print Leather Jacket & Coat (or other items)

A woman over 50 should definitely have a stock of animal prints

Some women may feel that this investment doesn’t fit their style, and that’s fine. But pieces like a leather jacket and leopard print skirt add sass to your look. You will impress people with your style skills!

If summer is the season of lightweight fabrics, then fall is the season of prints. Camouflage patterns, checks, herringbone patterns and of course animal prints. Any woman over 50 should definitely have a stash of animal prints that she can pull out occasionally. This is a surefire way to add interest to your look.

Sweater & Denim Shirt

The perfect fall sweater is not so thick that you can not wear anything else underneath

The perfect sweater for fall is one that looks good and keeps you warm on its own, but isn’t so bulky that you can’t add something else like a button-down underneath. Your sweater may well be your most worn piece of clothing this season, so find a sweater that’s as stylish as it is versatile!

Fall Outfits for Women Over 50 – A cable knit sweater, mid-weight knit sweater, or cashmere sweater are all good options. A turtleneck can be another great choice.

Denim shirt is a great fall wardrobe item as it can be paired with all fall colors and prints. This top can be paired with everything on this list! Wear it closed as a stand-alone shirt or open with a t-shirt or sweater.

Fall outfits for women over 50 with jeans & pants

A blazer jacket gives the perfect touch of casual style

Skinny jeans are not recommended when there are so many other trendy jeans models that are classic and more flattering! Try straight-leg, slim-leg or bootcut styles, with either a mid-waist or high-waist.

In fall, women are in search of comfort. Luckily, these days there are pants that look smart but are really comfortable. Combine with a thick cardigan, blazer or sweater.

Black Pants: In spring and summer, white might be your go-to choice, but in fall and winter, black jeans (or pants) are a must! Black pants look great with camel, leopard print, army green, stripes, chambray and just about anything.

Leather leggings & leather pants

fall outfits for women over 50 with leather leggings and leather pants

You might be surprised to see this on the list, but a woman over 50 can certainly wear leather leggings, with a few stylistic cues of course.

First, leggings are not pants. Any top or dress you wear over it should fall below your thigh. Second, your leggings should be skin tight. Baggy leggings are a no-go. Leather leggings can be worn with sneakers and a tunic top for a casual outfit, or with ankle boots and an oversized cardigan for something more casual chic.

If leather leggings aren’t your thing, try leather pants instead.

Fall outfits for women over 50 with dress & skirt

flattering fall outfits for women over 50 knee length sweater dresses

Everyone needs a feminine piece in their closet that makes them feel beautiful. Some of the most flattering fall outfits for women over 50 are the knee length sweater dresses.

While the younger generation may wear mini skirts, you’ll be much more comfortable in a long skirt, such as a maxi skirt, midi skirt, or even a knee length skirt. Find the style that suits you, but remember that a maxi skirt can look slightly dated. Try to keep your top half fitted.


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