Halloween couple costume 2022: Our 20 ideas in pictures to spend an unforgettable party

by Kremy

Halloween 2022 is approaching and we are now looking for the most original costume ideas. But how to dress up when you’re a couple? Which design to choose? What are the most popular concepts? You probably have a lot of question and you may think it is quite a difficult and expensive task to complete successfully. Well, think again! The Halloween couple costume is super fun and offers some head-turning ideas. To make it easier for you, we will show you 20 costumes for couples in pictures and also look at the top 5 star costumes. Follow us!

Halloween couple costume 2022: The top 5 best costumes to consider

halloween costume couple 2022 easy halloween makeup

Halloween is just around the corner and Google searches have skyrocketed over the past few days. Some people have already planned their recipes, others are ready with the outdoor and indoor Halloween decoration. What about you? Are you lacking Halloween couple costume ideas? You’ve certainly come to the right place, because our editors are currently finding the most fashionable costumes. Which one do you prefer?

The great classic: “Día de los Muertos” costume

original halloween couple costume ideas dia de los muertos mexican skull makeup


You probably already know the famous Mexican skull makeup specific to the “Día de los Muertos” holiday celebrated in Mexico. To complete the makeup and your Halloween couple costume, all you need to do is get clothes and accessories like those shown in the image above. Some online stores even have a specially named “Día de los Muertos” section. As you can see, pinks and black are the order of the day. The same goes for rhinestones!

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Halloween costume ideas for couples: Jack & Rose from Titanic

halloween 2022 costume ideas Titanic Jack and Rose

How many times has the love story of Jack and Rose made you cry? Take inspiration from some of Kate Winslet’s most famous outfits in the film and embody her character on the evening of October 31st. As for the gentlemen, it’s so simple: a shirt, trousers, suspenders and why not a wig!

Halloween costume idea for married couple who sow the seeds of horror

halloween bride groom costume ideas

The Halloween bride costume for many different interpretations, but the easiest way to pull it off is to get a white dress and a wedding veil. Then, apply makeup with a level of terror that meets your own preferences. If you want, draw some fake wounds on the neck. As for the groom, a classic suit splattered with artificial blood will do. Finally, complete the look with skull makeup and you’re done.

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Joker and Harley Quinn

halloween couple costume and makeup ideas joker harley quinn

Here’s another idea that’s been one of the most popular costumes in recent years. The Joker is particularly easy to recreate: white, red and black paint for the face and green coloring for the hair. Find a Harley Quinn makeup tutorial. Finally, clothing and accessories are sold in a large number of online stores.

Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo: Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY cheap easy halloween costumes Scooby Doo Fred and Daphne

Need an easy and cheap homemade Halloween costume for you and your partner? Go for the costume that represents the characters Fred and Daphne from the famous American production “Scooby Doo”. And the clothes, you probably already have them in your closet.

Let’s get inspired: Our Halloween couple costume ideas in pictures!

costume halloween couple 2022 cruella de vil

Halloween couple costume inspired by Harry Potter

easy homemade halloween costumes for couple 2022 Harry Potter

Rachel and Ross costume from the “Friends” series

halloween 2022 for couple Rachel and Ross

Aladdin and Jasmine costume is quite popular for the evening of October 31, 2022

halloween couple costume ideas Aladdin and Jasmine

Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange from the “Harry Potter” saga

halloween costume idea couple 2022 Harry Potter Sirius Black Bellatrix Lestrange

Another Joker and Harley Quinn couple Halloween costume idea

halloween couple ideas joker harley quinn

“The Corpse Bride”: Married Couple Halloween Costume Idea

halloween costume idea couple The Corpse Bride

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are cute characters that young and old love

halloween costumes for couples 2022 Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Medusa the Gorgon and Man Turned to Stone Costume and Makeup

Halloween costume idea for couple Medusa the Gorgon and stone man

Harry Potter-style costumes are also popular

halloween couple costume 2022 ideas Harry Potter

Successful look specific to the “Día de los Muertos”

Halloween duo costume woman and man costume idea 2022 mexican skull makeup

A skeleton costume is very easy to make at home

2022 cheap halloween costume for couple DIY skeleton

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner as Morticia and Gomez Addams

DIY Addams family Halloween costume for couple ideas 2022

Very realistic Joker and Harley Quinn costume idea

halloween couple costume joker harley quinn idea realistic costume

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