40 Couples Halloween costume ideas to make you the stars of the evening

by Kremy

Couples Halloween costume ideas can be either brilliant or a total failure. To many, Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of the year and if you go to a party with your loved one, let’s see how you can be the perfect couple! Why adults love Halloween? Because they can go back to childhood and dress up in whatever way they like – from funny to sexy, scary, horrifying or silly, and no one will think you have gone mad if they saw you in a ridiculous and funny costume. When you think about it, the only thing that can be cooler than one Halloween costume is two Halloween costumes!

Popular Halloween costumes for couples

halloween costumes couples day of the dead skeleton

Couples that prefer traditional Halloween characters can choose costume of evil spirits, zombies, mummies or vampires.


skeletons makeup and costumes for couple


The skeleton is one of the most popular Halloween looks. You can either buy costumes or achieve the look with makeup. You only need two colors – black and white. Plus, your makeup and your partner’s makeup will barely differ.


vampires couples halloween costume ideas

Vampires are another popular choice among the numerous couples Halloween costume ideas. Dracula is the most famous vampire and one of the top choices for Halloween costumes. With some makeup, fake vampire teeth and fake blood, a black suit with a mantle and a beautiful dress for the girl, you can easily get the look. An option is to choose historical costumes and dress up as vampires from 17-18th century.

Witch and wizard

cute couple costumes makeup halloween witch wizzard

A witch is an all-time classic Halloween costume. People often imagine images of scary and angry old women with wrinkled faces and a huge warty nose but modern witches and wizards can choose a different approach. Couples Halloween costume ideas can be anything and you are limited only by your imagination. If you prefer a sexy look, choose a short, flirty dress, if you prefer a darker image, opt for Gothic style. The only accessory that you must not forget is the symbolic pointed hat!


mummies costumes for adults couples ideas

One of the simplest but most spectacular Halloween looks is the mummy. Makeup is not required and the costume is very easy to make by yourself. All you need is white (beige, if you want an ancient look) sheets and scissors. Cut slits into the fabric and tear the strips from the slits along the length of the sheet. To make the strips look really old, you can dye them with black tea in teabags. Just boil a pot of water, add in several teabags and the strips into the pot. After 30 minutes, get the strips out and let them dry.


clowns costumes Halloween ideas for couples

Clowns Halloween costumes for couples give you the opportunity to choose whether you want a funny and smiling image or a scary one. Whichever type of clowns you choose, do not forget the red nose!


DIY funny couple costumes ghosts

Ghosts Halloween costumes also give you two options to choose from – you can either dress up as a funny ghost or as a spooky one. This is, perhaps, the easiest DIY Halloween costume. All you need is a white sheet and holes for the eyes.

Day of the dead

Halloween makeup and costume ideas for couples day of the dead

The Day of the dead is a Mexican holiday. Families and friends gather to remember their loved ones that are no longer with them. Women wear long, floral Mexican dresses with floral headpieces while men wear fine, smart clothing with a black hat. Of course, the makeup is a must!


funny couple costumes easy DIY ideas bandits thieves

Thieves Halloween costumes are quite simple and very comfortable. A striped T-shirt and black trousers will help you create the look. A bag with dollar sign is the best accessory.

Angels or Devils

Angel devil unique costumes for couples

Angel and Devil, Black and White angels – there are many combinations that you can choose if you want to opt for the Good/Evil theme.

Couples Halloween costume ideas inspired by TV series and movies

creative costumes for couples Halloween ideas Men in black

Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative and come up with interesting Halloween costume for a couple. And if you do not know what to wear, we have an original selection of couples Halloween costume ideas inspired by books, movies and TV series.

Alice and Mad Hatter

funny original couple costumes halloween Alice mad hatter

Alice in Wonderland is among the most beloved books of children and adults and a popular choice for couples Halloween costumes. It does not require much effort for Alice, you just need the proper costume. The image of Mad Hatter, however, does require some careful planning and well thought of makeup and costume.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

unique couple halloween costumes Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

These fabulous characters take us back to childhood. If you decide that this is going to be your image this year, the costumes will become the main elements of the overall appearance. For Little Red Riding Hood, look for a red hooded cape and dress, while the Wolf will need a special costume and makeup.

Corpse bride and groom

couples costumes ideas the corpse bride

Remember Tim Burton’s horror cartoon Corpse Bride? A great idea for couples Halloween costumes, right? The groom needs a black suit and the bride – a dress. Some makeup, blood stains on the wedding dress and the groom’s shirt, and your spooky look is ready!

“The Great Gatsby” Halloween costumes for couples

The Great Gatsby Halloween costumes for couples

Sparkling jewelry for girls, chic cocktail dresses and hair accessories, glittering lipstick – this is what you need to create the glamorous 1920’s look, ladies! Gentlemen should be in elegant suits and of course – a glass of champagne is the obligatory accessory!

Game of Thrones

drogo and daenerys unique couple halloween costumes

The series offers so many characters that you can re-create in your Halloween costumes for couples. Jon and Ygritte, Jon and Daenerys, Khal Drogo and Daenerys, Jamie and Cersei, Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell,  etc.

These are just some of the characters that can be your inspiration for the holiday. Here are some more ideas for you:

  • Twilight
  • Outlander
  • The Avengers
  • The Hunger Games
  • Harley Quinn and the Joker
  • Frankenstein and his Bride
  • Men in black
  • Batman and Cat woman
  • Avatar
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Harry Potter
  • Breaking bad



unique couple halloween costumes and makeup Avatar

couple halloween costumes and makeup ideas

easy DIY couples Halloween costumes vampires

Inspiring couples Halloween costumes ideas

Halloween makeup and costume ideas for couples

Halloween couples costumes from TV series Jon Snow Daenerys

halloween couple costumes vampire ghost bride zombie

Halloween costumes for couples ideas skeletons

halloween costumes for couples ideas doctor nurse

funny halloween costume for couple dumbledore macgonagal

easy DIY couples Halloween costume ideas

DIY Halloween costume ideas couples Bonnie and Clyde

cute halloween costume for couple fairy elf

creative couples costumes for Halloween Mary Poppins

couple costumes ideas Joker and harley quinn

Black and white couples costumes for Halloween

batman cat woman Halloween costumes ideas for couples

Adams family Halloween costumes for couples

40 Couples Halloween costume ideas to make you the stars of the party

scary couples costumes ideas zombies

ghosts unique couples costumes ideas


Couple costume and make up ideas for Halloween party


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