40 ideas for Halloween costumes, inspired by demonic creatures

by Kremy

The Dark Angel Halloween Costume Ideas

Devilish creatures of the dark world are a great source of ideas for your individual Halloween and horror party. For a right spine-tingling horror atmosphere you can dress like master of darkness or get creative and use your skills and learn how to make a witch costume! The following pictures show really impressive and creepy Halloween costumes ideas from around the world! It is not recommended for children and people with heart problems.

Lucifer Devil Satan halloween costume ideas


Are you ready for a costume party with the devil ? Lucifer, since the Middle Ages, is the other name of Satan. Devil Halloween costumes are definitely the most common idea, but they are also very trendy now.

King of scorpions Ideas Halloween Costume Deco 3

In reporting on the Akkadian language myths . The Scorpio people are also known as aqrabuamelu or girtablilu . The babilonische epic Holywood served as inspiration for the movie “The Scorpion King ” .

Olitiau man bat Costumes Scary Party

Olitiau is often described as a cave demon. The prototype of Batman is 3.5 meters high, has a strong black body , blood red wings and very sharp teeth. The gigantic bat hypothetically lived in the central Arfrika (Cameroon ) . The name comes from the traditional face masks, carrying the locals who represented demons .

Werewolf story Halloween Party Ideas Costumes

Werewolf stories developed in mythology and legend in Europe. The werewolf is usually described as a man who can transform into a wolf . Wolf-like-creatures are very popular for Halloween.

Ideas Halloween Party wine devil costumes

Banshee Irish Folklore Helde Ideas Halloween Party Clothes

Aswang mythological humanoid beings vampire Manananggal Philippines

Kuchisake Onna Japanese myths urban legend Halloween Costume Idea

Kuchisake – Onna is the woman with the cut mouth. We learn about her from a Japanese urban legend. She was abused by her jealous husband and her mind wanders away to gain justice and revenge.

Guhl monster man eating Cemetery

Ghoul is a monster that goes to the cemetery and eats human flesh . The demonic creature as undead.

Ideas halloween ghoul teufelische beings

Owlman Costumes owl head human like beings

Halloween Party Costumes creepy owl man

Amphibien monster Folklor Halloween Idea Party costume

Kappa or Kawataro ( ” Child of the river ” ) is a funny creature whose moist skin is characterized by overlapping shield-shaped scales. The essence comes from Japanese folklore.

Figure of Lamia of Santiago Caruso Reptiles East Folklore

Lamia is a woman – monster from Greek mythology (the beautiful queen of Libya) . She turned into a demon that eats children.

Queen Reptiles Lamia Myth Costume Ideas

Manananggal Witch Philippine islands devil creatures

Rokurokubi diabolical beings of the story

During the day she looks like a normal woman . But during the night, Rokurokubi transformed into a diabolical creature that has the ability to stretch her neck and to change her face.

Rokurokubi Japanese myths comical creatures Halloween Costumes

Yuki onna Japanese Snow Fairy Makeup Ideas Halloween Costumes

Yuki- onna is very nice – she has long black hair, blue lips, almost transparent skin , wearing a blood-stained white kimono. She can terrorize mortals without leaving traces.

Cemetery Zombie Monster Make Up Ideas Halloween bloody bones

 Rawhead Typical features : it lives in ponds with blood is running down his face .

Gashadokuro Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration Ideas Party Costumes

Death Angel Classic Costumes Halloween Party

Cyclob Ideas Halloween Make Up creepy terrible

Noppera bo faceless on halloween ideas

Dullahan Rider without capita prototype

Sobek the crocodile god Egyptian Mithologie Halloween costumes

Indian Tradition supernatural abilities F skin walker

“Skin Walkers” are Traditional heroes in the myths of the North American Indians. These people possessed supernatural abilities to transform into an animal.

Inuit tradition-tupilaq-demon Ideas Halloween

Mermaid Monster Halloween Makeup Ideas Costumes

Demogorgon Demon two headed ideas, ancient Greek myths Halloween make up

Duke the hell valefar Halloween Costume Ideas

Zagan Ram head-demonic beings Halloween

Demonic beings Stoglav werewolf like

Flauros Duke of cave man like Halloween Horror Party

creepy Halloween costumes ideas scary halloween costume make up ideas

 creepy Halloween costume ideas halloween make up ideas zombie costume make up

 creepy Halloween costumes ideas halloween make up ideas vampire

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