Realistic Halloween masks ideas for a memorable Halloween

by Kremy


Realistic Halloween masks own their popularity to movies and makeup artists. When you are looking for a horror mask or for a fun mask, you can buy one from the numerous masks offered in costume shops or on the internet. The choice is practically unlimited – monster masks, animal masks, masks of various film characters, celebrity masks, masks or politicians, horror masks, such as devil, mutants, horror clowns, witches, vampires, zombies, werewolves and the like are available on the market. Authentic Halloween masks can be made of latex or silicone. Silicone masks are characterized with very high quality, but compared to latex masks, they are significantly more expensive. Latex masks are not as realistic as silicone masks, but cost significantly less.




A latex mask can give you the authentic look of any creature or character that you want to be. Those are an excellent choice for everyone who wants to dress up and does not want to be recognized immediately. Latex masks keep their shape well and have good elastic properties. Usually they are made of high quality latex rubber or polyurethane. Materials such as vinyl, latex foam or silicone rubber can also be included. Those masks are easy to use because no latex parts have to be mounted by adhesive latex to the face. They are extremely lightweight and available in a universal size that fits all. Latex masks cover the whole head or go down to the neck and shoulders and are


Realistic Halloween masks from latex are manufactured with a technology called “thin skin”, which allows any face to be created and they fit perfectly to the face. For the last few years lifelike Halloween masks of famous movie characters and monstrous creatures have become widely popular especially for horror Halloween costumes and parties. Masks of monsters or aliens are usually manufactured with a loose fit which somewhat limits facial muscles and jaw movement but having in mind the quality of transformation, very few people are bothered from the limit of facial motions. Of course, besides a realistic Halloween mask you will need the relevant costume to create the look you want as well as suitable makeup.

In case you are not attracted to horrifying or monstrous look for Halloween, you can always choose a fun mask – an excellent idea for a kids party – and you can become either Shrek or his bride Fiona or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Politicians and celebrities are also a very popular choice and you can find President Obama masks or versions of other famous people. Fun Halloween masks of various animals – monkey, rabbit, donkey, horse, pig – are an excellent option for a non-scary Halloween costume or party. Check out the ideas below and choose your character for this year’s Halloween!

















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