Halloween drinking games – Halloween party games ideas

by Kremy



Halloween drinking games are a popular fun activity for adults. When you plan to throw a Halloween party there is a lot to organize – from table decorations to food and treats, drinks and fun activities. What are your plans for this year? Are you attracted to the spooky theme or you prefer a chic Halloween party? Have you thought of the color choice – traditional orange and black, black and white with red bloody accents or ominous green?



There are many opportunities for Halloween party decoration but this article will give you some ideas for the fun time. There is nothing wrong with traditional Halloween games but sometimes you come to a point when you may need a bit more thrill and introduce some Halloween drinking games to your guests. There is no need to say that alcohol based cocktails and special Halloween drinks should be consumed with attention because we are more than certain that you are quite aware of that.


Halloween drinking games for adults – tips and ideas



Halloween drinking games for adults include alcohol, so you need to decide what kind of drinks you will serve for the drinking games. It is strongly advised that the drinks contain minimal alcohol or your fun game may end way too soon as everyone will be… well, too drunk. Let’s look at some Halloween party drinking games for adults.


The skeleton game involves a skeleton, obviously. You can buy a plastic skeleton from a costume shop. Decorate the table in a creepy way, use fake cobwebs, a dark tablecloth will add to the mood and place the skeleton on the table. Your guests will have to guess the name of a particular bone and if they get the name of the bone wrong, then they have to take a penalty drink.


Bobbing for booze – a version of the classic apple catching but for adults only. You will need apples floating in a large bowl of water. Carve a number on each apple and each guest must catch an apple with their teeth and drink as many shots as the number carved on the apple. It is up to you to decide what numbers to carve, but we recommend that you do not go above five or six and prepare shots with very little alcohol.


Bobbing for bottles is a variation of bobbing for booze. Instead of carving apples, you can prepare small bottles of Halloween drinks and the guests will have to bob for liquor bottles with their mouth and teeth. Then they will have to drink whatever is in the bottle.


Would You Rather is another adult only version of a popular game. Make the questions Halloween themed. For example – Would you rather turn into a vampire or have your best friend turn into a vampire? When the answer is disliked by the guests, the person will have to drink a shot.


Speak no Halloween – ban mentioning anything related to Halloween. Make it a forbidden topic but ask everyone to dress up in a horror costume which will inevitably cause comments. Whoever breaks the rule and mentions words like blood, horror, ghost, vampire, zombie, etc – will have to have a drink. You know, the secret in this game is that when you ban a topic and tell everyone they must not do something they would love to break the rule.


Trick or treat drinking game for adults – you will need a dice and a few lines of shots. Fill half the shots in each row with something nasty and strong and the other half with lemonade, fruit punch, soda or other non-alcohol drinks. Cover the shots so that no one can see what is in the glasses. The guests will have to roll the dice in turns and drink whichever number shot they get. Who wins the game? The one who can still stand up right at the end of it!


Halloween drinking games ideas – have fun time at your party


Halloween drinking games for adults can be a lot of fun but you need to consider how you will get home if you happen to be on a party like that or make sure there is enough place for your guests to sleep over. We have to say that there is a great responsibility involved when you organize such games. Here are some more Halloween party drinking games ideas:


Scary movie night – choose your favorite Halloween or horror movie and every time there is blood on the screen, or a monster appears, or someone screams, everyone drinks a shot. To add more interest you can combine the trick or treat drinking game with the scary movie and everyone will have to drink a random shot. Or make people exchange their drinks with the person sitting next to them.


Wrap the Mummy is usually a Halloween game for kids but you can easily transform it into a drinking game for adults. Prepare lots of toilet paper and lots of shots. Separate the guests into two teams and one who will be the mummy. You know that the idea is to wrap your mummy in toilet paper head to toe. After each lap, the Wrapper will have to drink a shot and the team who finishes last will have to drink another “loser shot”. It depends on you to choose a teeny or a bulky person to be your mummy and wrap the person faster.


Horror movie quest is a drinking game suitable for fans of horror movies or a horror Halloween party. Write down questions for famous horror movies. For example – who directed the movie, the year of release, the cast of the movie, particular movie scenes, etc. When a person gives a wrong answer he will have to drink a shot.









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