Halloween vampire makeup ideas, tips and instructions

by Kremy


Halloween face paint for women? Vampires are one of the most popular and always fashionable characters for Halloween. What could be more frightening or more romantic than a meeting with a vampire in the deep of the night? We will show you 15 Halloween vampire makeup ideas and scary costume ideas for women will give you some useful tips how to make a really cool makeup.


Halloween vampire makeup ideas – prepare your face

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Successful Halloween vampire makeup ideas feature a deathly pallor. Use a white base makeup which you can buy at a store for costumes. It is important to prepare the skin so make sure to clean the skin before applying any makeup and use a moisturizer. In order to have a really haunted look and to avoid a shining effect, use baby powder. This is a simple trick that will help you keep your face pale all night. The perfect vampire makeup requires smoky eyes. The trick is to apply a little shadow over the liner, creating a smoky effect. First apply the eye liner along the upper and lower eyelid and the inner part of the eye. Then generously apply a dark shade repeating the contours of eyeliner. The color of the shades can be gray, purple, brown and even black.

Make your own vampire teeth at home with these easy tutorials!

How to make a Halloween vampire makeup – making fake blood



Fruit or sugar syrup with some red food dye will make excellent blood. You may add some thickener for a more realistic effect. When you obtain the desired consistency, apply it on your face. Remember that syrup “blood” may be a little sticky.


Another way to make fake blood is to use powder sugar and liquid food color. Stir the sugar and food dye until you reach the desired color. If it is too thick, add a few drops of water. Enjoy the Halloween vampire makeup ideas to pick up your own creepy style.




halloween-makeup-ideas-vampire-makeup-contact-lenses red eye shadows



DIY-vampire-makeup-ideas-halloween-makeup-tips and tricks



DIY-vampire-halloween-makeup- halloween-makeup-fake-blood-ideas

DIY-vampire-halloween-makeup-tips and tricks fake blood


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