Quick Halloween makeup ideas – last minute make up tips

by Kremy

You are not ready for Halloween? You have no idea for a costume? Check out these quick Halloween makeup ideas and easy scary makeup find your inspiration. You know, sometimes last minute ideas turn out to be the best ones!

Quick Halloween makeup ideas – make your own face cosmetics

last minute-halloween-ideas-Quick-Halloween-makeup-ideas-kitty

There are many quick Halloween makeup ideas but some of them are too difficult to be done, others require special make up that you may not have. Here are some really cool make up ideas and useful tips how you can use natural ingredients and appear at the Halloween party with a spectacular make up! If you have no time to shop for theater white make up base, you can use corn starch. You can make eye shadow and eyeliner by yourself with the help of cocoa powder, corn starch or activated charcoal. Equal parts of coconut oil and cocoa butter, about half a teaspoon of activated carbon and you will have a natural eye liner. A scarlet lipstick and some of the eye shadows that you never use as the colors are too dark or too bold – and here you are!

Quick Halloween makeup ideas – easy characters



Nothing is better than keeping it simple, especially if you plan your make up at the last minute and you need fresh face paint ideas. Vampires are extremely popular and not because of count Dracula but because of the Twilight movie saga.

last minute-Halloween-makeup-ideas-DIY-halloween-makeup-smoky-eyes

Cat woman is the perfect make up if you want to get dressed up really quickly. Plus, you will look sexy without any effort. All you need is a black pencil and red lipstick.

Quick-Halloween-makeup-ideas-doll makeup

A broken doll? No problem. Again, use a black pencil and draw some stitches on your cheeks and forehead and you’re ready to go!


Lip art is also very fashionable and it looks amazingly good. You can opt for a quick and easy pattern and if you are experienced and have a steady hand, try a more complex lip art. Enjoy the quick Halloween makeup ideas and choose the one that you like best!






Quick-Halloween-makeup-ideas- DIY-halloween-makeup-kitty






last-minute halloween ideas-Quick-Halloween-makeup-ideas-batman

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