Under stairs cupboard ideas – a simple way to get bigger storage space

Written by Kremena Ruseva

creative under stairs cupboard ideas green wood finish

Storage space is never enough. Do you use all your space in an efficient way? Do you wander where and how to store or hide all the belongings? To make up for the missing area we will show you some excellent under stairs cupboard ideas which will help you to increase your storage space.

Under stairs cupboard ideas – using the valuable space

under stairs storage ideas cupboards drawers space saving ideas

The space under the stairs is too valuable to waste it no matter whether you live in a big or a small house. Have you got any plans for the unused area below the staircase in your house? This areas often gets used for putting our shoes or bags or maybe, if there is enough height, for hanging coats. Under stairs cupboard ideas are many and diverse. They would depend on the imagination and desires of homeowners and the size of the available space.

home entry staircase under stairs storage ideas closet

Among all the options for rational use of under stairs space, cupboards have always been and remain one of the most practical solutions. A wardrobe will accommodate the clothes of the family and can become an accent in the interior of the entry hall, bedroom or living room if you add mirror doors, ornate elements or original hardware.

Clever and original under stairs cupboard ideas

modern kitchen under stairs cupboard design ideas space saving storage solutions

Getting rid of various old stuff that clutters the house for years is definitely a good idea. However, this is only a part of the solution of the problem with the numerous items that each family has and the place to keep them. You may find some of the under stairs cupboard ideas quite useful and organize your space in an original and convenient way. Of course, each staircase is different and you need to find out which design will suit your needs best. The best option id to plan your built-in cupboards at the stage of staircase design, but if that did not happen for some reason, you can find other ways to add shelves, doors, cabinets and drawers.

ideas cupboards shelves

The mirror doors enlarge the room visually

living room storage ideas cupboards mirror doors wood flooring

Modern staircase with storage

s modern staircase storage cabinets

Add color to the interior

modern staircasered color

Creative use of the room

creative under stairs storage cabinets

Storage in the dining room

modern dining room storage ideas under design

under stairs storage entryway ideas

 modern interior staircase designs

 home storage solutions entry hall

 home storage ideas space saving

creative storage solutions

modern dining room design ideas

house entry space saving

entry hall modern design ideas

contemporary staircase storage ideas cupboard

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