Vaulted ceiling lighting ideas – creative lighting solutions

by Kremy

vaulted ceiling lighting ideas recessed lighting modern chandelier

Vaulted ceilings, just like coffered ceiling designs,  look imposing and are a real asset to any home. However, despite their amazing appeal, they can be a challenge when it comes to choosing the best lighting. We will show you 20 vaulted ceiling lighting ideas and will give you some useful tips how to use light efficiently and effectively.

Skylights and natural light

vaulted ceiling design with skylights recessed lighting


Nothing is better than natural light and skylights are the best way to provide as much natural light as possible. Skylights can brighten a space and will provide more natural light in the room because the angle allows more light in than a flat ceiling. Installing skylights may be an expensive option as it may require architectural solutions but more natural light means saving on energy bills during the day. Vaulted ceiling lighting ideas often include a number of skylights combined with other type of artificial lights.

Vaulted ceiling lighting ideas – artificial lights solutions

vaulted ceiling lighting ideas skylights recessed lighting modern home lighting

Recessed lighting is one of the most popular vaulted ceiling lighting ideas. They are a very practical solution as they can be installed anywhere and give a modern look to the interior. It is practically versatile as it is unobtrusive and you can arrange the lights as per your wish – grouped above a certain area in the room or evenly spread on the ceiling.

vaulted ceiling lighting solutions mini pendants over kitchen island

Hanging lights – pendants and chandeliers – offer the possibility to add elegance and enhance the atmosphere of the interior. While chandeliers add grandeur to the room, pendants or mini pendants will look more modern and are suitable for contemporary interiors. The variety in designs, colors and shapes is enormous, so the choice of your hanging lights will depend on the style of the interior.

vaulted ceiling lighting ideas modern home lighting track lighting


Track lighting is another option for vaulted ceilings. It can be installed along the sloped surface and you can adjust each light in a different direction to create accents.

modern kitchen modern mini pendants over kitchen island

Other options are cable, monorail lighting, spotlights and each type has its advantages. Most often a combination of different types is the most successful solution for rooms with vaulted ceiling.

wrought iron chandeliers skylights

skylights recessed lighting mini pendants

modern living room lighting ideas chandeliers

skylights mini pendant lights contemporary kitchen

skylights large chandeliers contemporary kitchen

oversized chandelier dining room design

living room with cathedral ceiling recessed lights

living room large chandelier

large chandelier elegant dining room

large chandelier bedroom ideas

contemporary kitchen skylights recessed lights

decorating ideas lighting solutions oversized chandelier beams

track lighting living room

skylights recessed lighting


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