Glamorous large chandeliers – add grandeur to your home interior

by Kremy

impressive large chandeliers contemporary staircase decor ideas

Lighting is one of the most important elements of the design in every home. Lighting has practical functions like assisting in household tasks or creating an atmosphere for entertaining. Lighting is the element that underlines and enhances the overall design of the interior.

contemporary entry large chandelier modern design


A good lighting will bring the home to life, but a great lighting will add the grandeur to your home. We will show you how glamorous large chandeliers can be used in the living room, bedroom, dining room, even the bathroom, and create the wow effect in your home.

Awesome large chandeliers living room decor ideas white furniture

Nothing is more impressive than spectacular large chandeliers in living areas. When choosing lights for slanting ceiling, for example, you have the chance to make a statement. Crystal chandeliers are the perfect solution for living rooms. Of course if your home is designed in contemporary style you have to make sure that the chandelier complements the design. This does not mean that the chandelier needs to be in the exact same style as your room’s decor. Sometimes bold chandelier designs are chosen to create a visual contrast either in style or in color.

contemporary hall glamorous tiered chandelier

modern living room white furniture gray rug large chandelier

modern living room interior design leather furniture staircase large chandelier

 living room design modern gray colors large chandelier

 living room decor ideas round rugs upholstered furniture stunning large chandeliers

modern home interiors large chandeliers living room design

minimliat living room interior fireplace large chandelier

Minimalist living room modern elegant large chandelier

contemporary design living room chaise lounge oversized chandelier

elegant dining room modern gray wall color spectacular large chandelier

Large chandelier designs can be used in kitchens and dining rooms as well. They are an immediate eye catcher and a conversational piece of furniture. On top of that an oversized chandelier is an incredibly attractive decoration in contemporary open plan spaces. For example an oversized black chandelier would add drama and visual appeal to a white dining room. Especially in modern interiors you can choose unique geometric patterns or bold colors. Traditional interiors would be complemented by candle chandeliers, wrought iron fixtures or chandeliers with gold finish. If you wanted to add elegance and style choose a tiered chandelier as it has a very strong presence.

Swarovski crystals chandelier modern home design lighting ideas

Modern chandeliers kitchen lighting ideas black round table

modern interior design chandelier home decor ideas

modern home interior oversized chandeliers design ideas dining room decor

minimalist dining room white furniture brown wall oversized chandelier

minimalist dining room black furniture oversized black chandelier

oversized chandeliers kitchen lighting ideas antique style kicthen decor

kitchen lighting ideas solid wood table oversized chandelier

contemporary home decor dining room ideas large chandelier modern design

contemporary dining room decor large chandelier round table white couhide rug

contemporary chandeliers oversized chandelier modern kitchen decoration ideas

amazing large chandeliers bedroom interior design

Due to the glamorous look of large chandeliers they are mostly used in formal dining rooms, grand entrances or living rooms. However, the bedroom is the most intimate space in the home. An oversized chandelier in the bedroom is the focal point of the interior. It gives the space glamour which other furniture pieces cannot do. The chandelier is the crown of your bedroom and you have to consider whether you want it to complement the design or to stand out. Large chandelier designs look especially glamorous in bedrooms with minimalist interior as there is less furniture to compete it. If your bedroom has a vaulted ceiling, you can be sure that an impressive chandelier is exactly what you need.

unique master bedroom large round chandelier white carpet purple accents

modern bedroom interior white leather tufted headboard mirrored wall spectacular large chandelier

stylish bedroom design poster

luxury master bedroom tufted bed red rug chandelier

luxury bedroom ideas large chandeliers brick walls

Luxury bedroom design ideas black furniture designs

luxe large chandelier small bedroom design ideas

incredible large chandelier modern black and white bedroom

elegant bedroom design arched window large chandeliers tufted headboard

glamorous bedroom ideas large chandelier tufted headboard fireplace

country style bedroom ideas brown wood bed frame white pink floral bedding large chandelier

Stunning bathroom design ideas red walls white furniture chandelier

The easiest way to create a feeling of luxury is to opt for an amazing chandelier in the bathroom. First, bathrooms need a lot of light and on the other hand, you will not need to consider additional decorations – an oversized chandelier is more than enough to decorate the bathroom. Despite the size of the bathroom – large or small, there are many possibilities and design styles which will express your individuality and creative approach. Remember – this is your home so do not be afraid to make a statement!

stylish bathroom desor chandelier freestanding tub wood vanity

modern metallic baubles minimalist bathroom

marble soaking tub oversized white chandelier design

luxury master bathroom lighting designs bathtub large chandelier

bathroom design white vanity unit framed mirrors large chandelier

fascinating bathroom design freestanding tub large chandelier

elegant bathroom design oversized crystal and shade chandelier clawfoot tub

bathroom interior design bathroom lighting chandelier

Bathroom design ideas dark floor round tub chandelier

bathroom decor ideas freestanding tub large vintage chandelier

bathroom decor glamorous chandelier blue wall color clawfoot tub

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