A modern black chandelier made of carbon fiber – TechnoLUgy

modern black chandelier carbon fiber lu murano technolugy

TechnoLUgy is an mpressive alternative to glass chandelier created by LU Murano. This modern black chandelier design is crafted from carbon fiber that resembles the shapes of the original LU chandeliers, made of blown glass. The most exciting thing about the carbon fiber creations is the ease of the final product. The Murano glass chandeliers weigh 10 times more than the TechnoLUgy versions and are also much less fragile. This amazing chandelier is designed by Fabio Fornasier. After an extensive research and experimentation, the new modern black chandelier of LU Murano is a contemporary lamp with a classic vision.

The modern black chandelier of LU Murano

 artistic carbon fiber black chandelier design lu murano technolugy

TechnoLUgy is far less fragile and extremely lightweight (10 times lighter than glass). The design combines craftsmanship, technology and artistic forms. The high strength of carbon fiber also makes it very adaptable to different interiors, such as yachts and mobile homes. Modern black chandeliers are less sensitive and more outstanding than their predecessors of glass. The carbon fiber, although not transparent like glass, can have many variations in colors, textures and patterns. In this case we see organic shape with curved arms and glowing fingers.

Modern black chandelier with a dramatic look

 carbon fiber lu murano technolugy light and sparkling

This chandelier is an example of what LU Murano can actually create and shows that TechnoLUgy is very adaptable to each individual design. The diamond patchwork offers both a subtle texture and a nice reflective surface. Delicate looking, elaborate and modern black chandelier is a stunning display of craftsmanship and technology and if LU Murano keeps to his plans to create more of these modern and fashionable chandeliers, we shall see further examples of design, art and craftsmanship working together in harmony.

carbon fiber lu murano design technolugy

creative design ideas interior lighting carbon fiber black chandelier lu murano



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