Knitted – Fresh and modern lighting fixtures made by hand

by Kremy

Modern lighting fixtures knitted by Ariel Zuckerman modern design

Designer Ariel Zuckerman based in Tel Aviv has launched a series of creative modern lighting fixtures with unique contemporary look. In collaboration with two artists Oded Sapir and Adva Bruner, he designed lamps, wrapped in knitted nets. The curious pieces are available in several colors and sizes and can be arranged according to your preferences. You can hang them from the ceiling or put them down. The choice is yours!


Creative modern lighting fixtures available in many colors

 lighting fixtures creative design knitted by Ariel Zuckerman


Ariel Zuckerman takes a fresh and innovative approach that results in the creation of simple, functional and smart products as these modern lighting fixtures. The designer graduated from the Design Institute Shenkar (Tel Aviv). He works as a freelance artist with Keter – one of the leading companies in the market of plastic products. Zuckerman also designed a large number of objects for the European and North American markets. He specializes in the production of solutions for inside and outside storage, furniture, as well as in solar lighting design. His studio offers a variety of services: product design, market research and development of 3D models.

Modern lighting fixtures with innovative design by Ariel Zuckerman

 hand made contemporary lights and fixtures knitted by Ariel Zuckerman

You may have seen a lot of modern lighting fixtures and various designs but “Knitted” certainly takes a leading position for the creativity behind. The combining of industrial knitting with manually crocheted wool to create a three dimensional sheet of fabric, is eye-catching and definitely gives a feeling of dynamic contemporary life. The flexibility is remarkable as you may design your own composition with the colors that you like best or suit your existing interior design.


Modern lighting fixtures knitted by Ariel Zuckerman different colors

 Knitted lights will fit in any room



 Lighting fixtures can be pendants or floor lights

Modern design by Ariel Zuckerman pendant

 Handmade lamps with modern view

handmade lights Ariel Zukerman

creative design color options




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