Modern furniture design- space saving coffee bench by BEYOND standards

by Kremy

Space saving coffee bench BEYOND standards rotating elements

You have a small patio or a tiny garden and yet you would love to have a coffee or a drink outside or just read the Sunday paper in the open air? Here is the solution of your problem – a smart and space saving coffee bench by BEYOND standards which will solve your problem with small space.

The space saving coffee bench by BEYOND standards – a rotating piece furniture which combines a place to sit and a table

Space saving coffee bench by BEYOND standards


Polish designer Karolina Tylka and the architect Nawoj Szymon have come up with this splendid idea, inspired by the necessity to have a cup of coffee in the park and the lack of space to put your cup, paper or computer. And that is how the space saving coffee bench appeared. They created a seating place which can offer a table in seconds. The coffee seat is constructed from rotating elements and you can adjust them in accordance with your need.

Space saving coffee bench – smart design and use of space

optimizing space furniture design ideas rotating elements coffee bench

Optimizing space and using it in the most intelligent way is not a very easy task but the space saving coffee bench is showing how designer’s efforts can contribute to our daily life. The bench has three different lengths – from 1 up to 3 meters and can be manifactured from various materials – plywood, MDF, molded plastics or honeycomb cardboard. Although it was designed as a piece of garden furniture, according to the material, it can be used indoors or out and its rustic look will will fit anywhere. The versatile design and the rotating elements make it very simple to push or pull some of the elements and have a side table or a larger seating place.

space saving furniture design small place ideas coffee bench

It can be transformed into a side table in a few seconds

space saving furniture design ideas rotating coffee bench


 The elements are easy to rotate

space saving furniture design easy rotating elements coffee bench

 The coffee bench is offered in three different lengths

Space saving coffee bench by BEYOND standards outdoor furniture

  The seating space can be adjusted as per the personal needs

innovative furniture design ideas cofee bench side table

  The coffee bench saves place

space saving adjustable seating area cofee bench

contemporary outdoor small space furniture coffee bench beyond standards

space saving outdoor bench different sizes and materials

furniture design coffee bench by beyond standards

 furniture solutions small space coffee bench by beyond standards





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