Nesting Coffee Tables Ideas – Space Saving Furniture Designs

by Kremy

Big or small, light or massive, vintage or modern – nesting coffee tables are not only not practical and functional, but can become a stylish and bright accent in any interior.

Nesting Coffee Tables Ideas Space Saving Furniture Designs

A coffee table is 100% must have piece of furniture. It is the logical anchor of living room interior designs. That is why it is very important to choose the most appropriate model that will work with the overall decoration of the room and give individuality to your home.

We have selected for you examples of beautiful nesting coffee tables and will show you how they complement interior designs in a variety of styles – from sophisticated glam to Scandinavian simple designs.

Nesting coffee tables ideas – multi-functional furniture for living rooms

round nesting coffee table small living room furniture


There are interior items that fit well into both compact and spacious rooms. A nesting coffee table for the living room is one such element. Such furniture piece will be the finishing touch in creating a unique fashionable design.

Nesting Coffee Table elegant living room furniture

Nesting coffee tables come in a huge variety of designs, colors and sizes. When choosing a model for your home, you need to decide what functions it will perform. Do you need it as a side table? Are you going to place it in front of the sofa? Do you want a more practical model or a chic designer piece of furniture that will not be able to withstand a heavy load, but will be pleasing to the eye? Based on your requirements, you can significantly narrow the range of searches and select the most suitable option.

Chic Stackable Nesting Tables small living room furniture

One of the huge advantages of nesting coffee tables is that they can be easily moved around. Smaller models can be tucked away in a corner when not in use. Designer pieces look exquisite and attract the attention. Nesting tables are ideal for displaying your collectibles, floral arrangements, photos in beautiful frames, etc. or simply put your drink or remote control at a convenient distance.

Nesting coffee tables – how to choose the material?

Nesting Coffee Table design light space saving furniture

Modern furniture designs feature both traditional and innovative materials. Nesting coffee tables vary in shape, height and dimensions, type of supports, style and of course, material. The shape can be round, oval, rectangular, square. Modern designs with non-standard shapes – polygonal, semi-circular, triangular – fit perfectly into modern interiors. However, you need to keep in mind that if you want your non-standard table to be an accent in the interior, the rest of the items should be as laconic as possible.

What are the most popular materials? Coffee tables made from quality materials look best. Designers agree that models made of glass and wood are ideal for furnishing living rooms.

modern multifunctional furniture ideas coffee table

Furniture made from natural materials looks great in any interior style. Solid wood is a unique material. Natural patterns and stunning texture give the finished product a special charm. Wood has many advantages – it is durable, environmentally friendly and creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. Beech, oak, ash, walnut, alder are just some of the species used for furniture making that guarantee that the product will serve for many years and will not lose its aesthetic appeal. Wood works great with other materials – glass, metal, natural stone, etc. and will never lose its visual appeal.

nesting coffee table with glass top

Glass tables are considered to be the embodiment of sophistication and simplicity. They can have a clear, matte or patterned finish. Glass tops are equipped with metal or wooden legs. A nesting coffee table with glass top is ideal for small spaces as they do not look heavy and bulky. They are easy to clean and maintain which makes them very practical. It is advisable to choose a model with tempered glass countertop as it is more durable than normal glass and in case it breaks, it breaks apart into tiny pieces without sharp edges.

Clear acrylic tables offer the look of glass but with a better resistance. The material is durable and airy, which makes it the perfect choice for tight spaces. The sleek look of acrylic nesting coffee tables is ideal for modern style interiors.

Marble top nesting coffee tables

Marble top nesting coffee tables are a fabulous way to add elegance to the interior of your living room. The beauty of marble is undeniable. It has a unique luxurious appearance which has withstood the test of time and separates it from other natural stone varieties. Marble is resistant to scratching, cracking and breaking which means that your beautifully looking coffee table will retain its appearance for many years.

stackable end tables nesting coffee tables ideas

Choosing a nesting coffee table made from two or three types of materials is also possible. For example a model with metal frame, marble and wood countertops is almost universal in terms of compatibility with various décor styles.


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