Mediterranean Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Create a Relaxing Oasis

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Mediterranean backyard landscaping ideas can be described as sunny, warm, bright, aromatic, natural and comfortable. A Mediterranean-style garden is perhaps the most colorful solution for a landscape design project. Such landscapes are created for enjoying life, relaxation and pleasure.

Mediterranean backyard landscaping ideas

Since the Mediterranean style emerged in hot climates, it is natural that the gardens have many shaded areas, cozy patios, pools and terraces, herb beds and climbing plants. The Mediterranean is quite a vast region, and therefore gardens of this style are often different from each other.

Mediterranean Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Main Characteristics of the Exterior Design

Mediterranean Backyard Landscaping Ideas Main Characteristics of the Exterior Design


Mediterranean backyard landscaping ideas involve plants in pots, stone-paved patios and paths, covered galleries, waterfalls and fountains, bright colors. A Mediterranean style garden is a great solution for drought tolerant plants, gardens that do not require maintenance, do-it-yourself landscaping, and a Mediterranean or country style home.

Color Scheme

romantic Mediterranean style exteriors ideas

The most important feature of a Mediterranean-style garden is the color scheme. The background colors are warm – beige, yellow, orange hues. The typical accent colors are red, purple, white, green, blue, etc.

A Variety of Textures

mediterranean style patio landscaping ideas wrought iron furniture light fixtures

Textures are important as they add visual depth. To bring Mediterranean style to your backyard, pay attention to plaster, paint, sand-textured walls.

Local Materials

mediterranean garden ideas paving plants furniture tips

Another significant feature of Mediterranean landscaping is the use of local materials. You should try to minimize modern technologies and plastics in the garden. Forged items are one of the most famous elements of the Mediterranean garden. It is a must and indispensable element. For example, in the North African version of the Mediterranean style, copper and silver products like Moroccan lamps are used.

Gravel or Paved Pathways

garden ideas Mediterranean style decor

Gravel pathways are used to define the different areas in the backyard and in addition, they add texture and color contrast to the garden. Further to that, such pathways are low maintenance and excellent for hot climate conditions.

Decorative Mosaic Tile

how to decorate mediterranean patio materials plants colors

Mosaics are one of the most important decorative elements of a Mediterranean garden. The region is famous for its mosaic floors and large terracotta pots. You can use mosaics on walkways, benches, walls and even planters. A beautiful mosaic will be a great focal point in your backyard.

Shaded Seating Areas

Mediterranean backyard design ideas landscape and decor tips

An outdoor seating area is essential for any Mediterranean backyard landscape. It allows homeowners enjoy the good weather. We all know that Mediterranean sun is quite strong, so a shade-providing structure is a must. A pergola, gazebo, arbors with leafy plants, canopies – any of these structures is suitable and will provide a comfortable place to sit and relax.

Garden Furniture

Romantic Mediterranean Style Patio Ideas plants fireplace deck

Choosing comfortable garden furniture will make your time outdoors even more pleasant. Due to the fact that Mediterranean style is rather informal, you can choose outdoor furniture made of wood, wicker, wrought iron, rattan, etc.

Water Features

water features in Mediterranean style garden

Water features are an important element of Mediterranean garden designs. Pools, fountains and ponds create ambiance and atmosphere. The sight and sound of water always provides an enjoyable relief from hot, dry summers. There is no need to choose something large, a small water feature like will make your backyard elegant and sophisticated.

Mediterranean Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Choose Your Style

Mediterranean backyard landscaping ideas choose your style

What are the main styles of Mediterranean landscaping? As you know, the region includes many countries and each one has its own culture and traditions. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Mediterranean backyard landscaping ideas, styles and their characteristics.

Italian Garden Design

Italian garden design ideas Mediterranean style landscapes

The most common style in Mediterranean landscaping is Italian (Tuscan). Italian gardens have a classic look and are based on strict layouts. The clear geometric shapes, symmetry, straight paths and well-shaped ponds are perfectly combined to create a romantic mood. The typical elements are classical sculptures, terracotta vases, fountains, climbing plants, flower pots and a variety of small elements that give the garden a unique charm. Usually, the outdoor space is divided into different zones, which are separated from each other by hedges. Due to the specific Italian relief, gardens are designed on several levels with retaining walls and paths made of natural stone. Decorative elements include fountains, fences, grottoes, stairs, benches and balustrades.

Provence Garden Ideas

Provence garden design ideas French country backyard

When you think of Provence, lavender and herbs come to mind. Indeed, a Provence garden the landscaping is free, there are no strict lines and the atmosphere is informal and relaxed. The garden design is focused on creating a space to enjoy pleasant time with friends and family. Due to the sloped terrain, terraces are a typical feature of Provencal gardens. Terra-cotta tiles are traditional for the region and they can be on the floor or on the wall. Elegant wrought-iron furniture and benches with soft cushions, pavilions, lattices for climbing plants, stone and gravel – this is what you’d expect to see in such a garden.

Greek Style Garden

Greek style garden Mediterranean atmosphere

Residents of Greece spend a lot of time in the fresh air and if you love the relaxed style of outdoor living, you can turn your backyard into a dazzling place with Mediterranean atmosphere. One of the most important features of Greek gardens is that they are in harmony with the natural terrain and blend with the surrounding nature. Greek gardens are rich in colors which stand out against the snow-white walls of buildings. There are cozy seating areas located on terraces, patios are often protected from the sun with pergolas and awnings, and a large dining table and armchairs are always present in the set of garden furniture. Decorative items include clay vases and amphorae, sculptures, pots and planters, garden accessories, etc. Flowering trees and plants as well as olive and citrus trees are a must in Greek gardens.

Spanish Style Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Spanish style backyard landscaping ideas

Spanish garden designs are influenced by Moorish and Roman traditions and mix vibrant and pastel colors, strict lines and curves, etc. The layout is mostly rectangular and symmetrical, with straight paths which outline the zones. Brick, stone and tiled courtyards with bright colors are central to the design. White or colored stucco, Saltillo pavers, Classical and Moorish ornaments, statues, columns, arches – these are the typical elements in a Spanish styled garden.

Mediterranean Garden Plants

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Mediterranean backyard landscaping ideas feature drought tolerant plants and you have a vast choice of herbs, climbing plants, trees, and flowering plants to choose from.

Herbs not only add a beautiful scent to your garden, but they add structure to the overall design. Lavender and rosemary are ideal to plant along paths while oregano, mint and basil can be planted in pots.

Succulents and cacti are also suitable for Mediterranean style landscapes. They feel good with little water and are not afraid of hot temperatures and direct sun’s rays. Agave, Yucca, Sempervivum are just some of the choices,

French provence backyard design ideas

Shrubs such as honeysuckle, magnolia, jasmine, as well as different types of conifers like thuja, pine, yew, cypresses and spruce are ideal for a garden in Mediterranean style.

Climbing plants are widely used to provide shade. Jasminum officinale (Common Jasmine), climbing roses, grape vines, Campsis grandiflora (Chinese Trumpet Vine), Ipomoea (Morning Glory), Wisteria – these species are ideal for pergolas and will add glorious colors to the exterior.

The trees in a Mediterranean garden are seldom used as decoration only. Yes, palm trees are symbolic for the coastline, but the truth is that in a private garden functionality meets beauty and people grow fruit trees. Olive trees, figs, laurel, citrus – lemon and orange trees – this is what you will see in almost any garden. Bougainvillea can be grown in containers, Geraniums – in pots and window boxes.


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