How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean and Sparkling?

by Kremy

It’s not the most fun job in the world, but a dirty shower door can really make your bathroom look grubby, even if it is otherwise clean. But how can you keep glass shower doors clean and sparkling with little effort? Cleaning the shower enclosure is a bit more difficult than cleaning the rest of the bathroom – a quick wipe with a damp cloth isn’t going to leave it looking spotless. So, in this guide, we’re going to show you some tips and tricks to ensure your shower door always looks brand new.

Top Tips: How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean and Sparkling

how to keep shower glass doors clean and sparkling guide and tips

We have considered a few key areas to focus on to get the most out of your cleaning at home and for more information on the best ways to clean shower doors just keep reading!

What Tools Do You Need to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

How to clean the shower stall in the bathroom


First of all, what do you need to clean your shower door? A squeegee is a must-have to ensure your glass is left free from water marks and streaks. They can also be used on the tiled walls or a wetroom floor – you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in one sooner!

A microfiber or glass cloth is another essential when it comes to making your shower enclosure look spotless. This can be used to wipe down the glass with a cleaning chemical or homemade alternative, and is ideal for the nooks and crannies your squeegee can’t reach.

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Products for Cleaning Shower Doors

products for cleaning shower doors

There are a lot of products you can buy to keep glass shower doors clean and shining, and there are also many homemade options. Glass cleaner or shower spray will take care of your daily cleaning needs, but you might want something more heavy-duty if you have a bit of a build-up of soap scum or limescale.

White vinegar is an excellent remedy for serious soap scum – heat it up then leave it to cool before wiping over the glass using a microfiber cloth. Baking soda is another popular choice for those looking for a more natural cleaning product. Just mix it to a paste with water and rub into the glass before rinsing off with either water or vinegar.

How to Keep the Shower Glass Clean?

What tools do you need to keep shower glass doors clean

Once you’ve managed to get rid of the soap scum or limescale that has been building up on your shower enclosure, you’ll want to try and keep it clean. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply remove excess water droplets with a squeegee after everyone has taken their shower in the morning.

You could also try switching to a different type of soap. Shower gel doesn’t contain talc, which is the substance found in bars of soap that leads to unsightly deposits on your shower screen.

There are substances available that you can use on the glass to help prevent water marks from appearing .A hydrophobic spray is what you should look for here.

How to Clean the Shower Door Tracks?

how to clean the shower door tracks

Now that you’ve got the glass sparkling, it’s time to take care of the tracks – the edges of the door. You can get build-ups of soap scum or mold in this part of your shower enclosure if you don’t clean it out regularly.


To reach into this tight space, it’s a good idea to use an old toothbrush. Vinegar is a great bathroom cleaner to break down any soap scum deposits. Just leave the vinegar to work for up to five minutes before giving it a good scrub with your toothbrush. Then, you can use a little water and a cloth to remove the residue and leave your shower looking brand new!




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