Baby Girl Room Decor That Is Not Pink – Harmonious Nursery Ideas

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Are you waiting for the moment when you step over the threshold of your home with your baby in your arms? Are you looking for nursery room ideas? Yes, it is traditional to decorate a baby girl room in pink and a baby boy’s room in blue, but many future parents prefer to think outside the box and choose another color palette. We will show you some fantastic ideas for baby girl room decor that is not pink and will look at a variety of color combinations that will help you create a harmonious interior for your little princess.

white and pale blue baby girl nursery decor ideas

The nursery room performs many functions – it is a dressing room, a playroom and a bedroom. When decorating the nursery, you need to remember that you are not only a novice designer, you are a parent, and the room for your baby should be not just bright and joyful, but comfortable and absolutely safe.

Baby girl room decor ideas – how to create a harmonious place?

baby girl room decor that is not pink color scheme ideas


The storm of emotions and the joyful expectation of the appearance of the baby into the world are quite understandable. Every parent wants the best for his children, right? However, driven by the desire to provide the best possible environment, parents get carried away and clutter up the nursery room with all sorts of, as it seems to them, necessary things.

At the same time, if you think about it, in the first months of life, the baby does not need so much. Therefore, you should not litter the nursery with all kinds of tables, chairs, walkers, etc. This is what your baby girl will need later, but for now these things will only create inconvenience. The items needed now are a cot, changing table, night light, toys and a small chest of drawers.

purple baby girl room decor white furniture

A baby girl room is a small piece of art and that is why parents should consider the design carefully and try to make it not only as convenient as possible, but also beautiful. The color scheme gives character to the room and the main goal is to create a balance between aesthetic beauty and practicality.

As per psychologists colors have a profound effect on the emotional and physical state of a person. This fact is especially important to remember when we talk about children since they are much more susceptible than adults, and therefore more responsive to external influence. That is just one of the reasons why the color of children’s room must be chosen very carefully.

blue and white colors in baby girl nursery

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a color scheme is the age of the child. The interior of a child’s room under 2 years old should be decorated in calm colors, since during this period the child’s psyche is very vulnerable, and vision is extremely sensitive to bright shades and patterns. Let’s see how you can create a beautiful baby girl room décor that is not pink!

Fantastic baby girl room decor that is not pink – harmonious nursery ideas

soft pastel wall color baby girl room decor that is not pink

Every designer and decorator knows that before purchasing furniture and accessories, you must first choose a color scheme. Babies under two years of age should be surrounded by soft, calm colors. They should not be saturated, they should be cozy and create an atmosphere of security. Let’s look at different color scheme options for baby girl room decor that is not pink!

White nursery room for a baby girl

white nursery room gray carpet

White is a universal color. It symbolizes purity and innocence, freshness, peace and light. White expands the room visually, creating the effect of lightness and airiness, and allow you to complement the interior with any number of bright details. Yes, an all-white baby room may look boring and sterile. Colors evoke emotions, so you’d want to stimulate your little one. A white baby room is like a blank sheet of paper for an artist; it is worth adding colors, accents, creative details, and the bright room will turn into a magical and cozy corner for a child. You can combine white with any other color – the options are endless!

Neutral color scheme

neutral colors in baby girl room white furniture gray armchair

Neutral tones like white, light gray, beige have a soothing effect. Often, parents do not want to paints the walls of the nursery room white or beige, believing that the space will become boring. But you need to remember that furniture, curtains, drawings on the walls and toys will add to the color palette. With an exuberant variety of colors, choosing intense shades for the walls is definitely not a good idea – this will overload the child’s psyche. White and beige are perfect companions that balance any vibrant interior.

Pastel colors

pastel green nursery room decor

Pastel colors are quiet and calm, unobtrusive and relaxing. These shades belong to the spring palette and are associated with purity and youth, they evoke a feeling of lightness and airiness. They do not irritate and do not cause anxiety. That is why pastels are often used where mental comfort is needed. It is very easy to decorate a baby girl room in pastel shades – there is practically no risk in working with them.

One of the huge advantages of pastel colors is that they get along well with each other. Few people dare to mix red, green and purple in one interior. With pastel versions, everything is much simpler: the combination of pale pink, lavender and mint will not be harsh, flashy or disturbing. The interior will be quite calm and balanced.

Red color in baby girl room interior

red wall color in nursery room for baby girl

Red color should be used carefully in a baby room as it excites the child’s psyche. An abundance of red in a child’s room can even lead to frequent nightmares. If you want to use such a bright color, it should be accompanied by softening colors – white, soft yellow, etc. Experts advise to use red in very small quantities thin stripes, polka dots, etc.

Blue baby girl room designs

blue and white baby girl room decor ideas

Light shades of blue are calming and relieving. A delicate blue-gray palette, diluted with white elements, is a great choice for a baby girl room decor. A room for a girl in blue tones will look fantastic if you add delicate details like floral prints. Blue has a variety of shades which allows you play with the color palette and create a unique and harmonious environment. The color is versatile and easily matches other colors. Light blue shades create a feeling of lightness and airiness. Combining light blue shades, from translucent to heavenly, you can create a weightless interior for your baby girls.

Yellow nursery room interior ideas

white and yellow wall decoration baby girl room

Yellow color is perfect for decorating a child’s room, as it has a positive effect on all types of child’s activities. Yellow tones are associated by many with sunlight, summer days, joy and positive emotions. This sunny color creates a warm atmosphere, activates the brain and encourages creativity. Yellow shades help the kid learn and also make the interior of the children’s room very light, airy and positive.

However, an abundance of any active color causes excessive excitement so the principle of moderation is valid. This color should be handled with caution, especially in nursery rooms. Luckily, yellow comes in many shades – from delicate pastel, to golden, honey, amber, corn, pear, etc. You can combine several shades in one room or use yellow as an accent in a room decorated in neutral colors like white and beige. Yellow and olive will fill the nursery with warmth and comfort. To prevent the design being boring, add some chocolate brown accents.

Green baby girl nursery room

green nursery room decor ideas white crib

A green nursery is a versatile choice. It is one of the most preferred colors for nurseries as it is associated with nature and tranquility. Green shades also have a positive effect on the heartbeat, sleep, improve vision and normalize breathing. The color creates a special mood that helps to assimilate new things and this is so important for a child who literally makes new discoveries every day. The wide selection of green shades will allow you to arrange a magnificent baby girl nursery. A very light greenish-blue shade is suitable for an infant. Choose light and soft shades of green which can be combined with white, pastel yellow, sandy tones, etc.

How to use orange color in baby girl room design?

Peach and white is perfect for the baby girl room

Just as well as yellow, orange in the nursery inspires communication and makes the child more energetic. At the same time, psychologists warn that excessive saturation of the room with orange tones overexcites the child’s psyche, so this color should be combined with calmer and more neutral shades. In moderate quantities, orange has a beneficial effect so make sure that you combine it with neutral color like white, soft pastel shades like blue, mint, lavender, etc.

Purple – the alternative of pink in baby girl room interiors

lavender and white nursery room for girl decor ideas

Shades of purple are a great alternative to pink. They are calming and relaxing and contribute to the development of creativity and imagination. However, at the same time, purple is able to disperse the child’s attention. Therefore, when decorating the interior of a child’s room, try to use this color sparingly and in combination with light colors. When the purple is paired with white and/or silver, the whole room is fit for a princess.


Baby girl room decor ideas how to create a harmonious place

baby girl room decor that is not pink nursery color scheme ideas

blue and white baby nursery for girls color scheme ideas

Fantastic baby girl room decor that is not pink harmonious nursery ideas

how to use blue in a girls room decoration

neutral colors in nursery room with blue accents

orange and gray nursery idea for baby girl

purple decoration in nursery room baby girl

stylish baby girl room ideas neutral colors

white and gray baby room yellow accent color

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