Beautiful flower themed girls room interior design ideas

by Kremy

the best flower themed girls room interior design ideas in pink orange and green colors

Girls room interior design ideas are presented in an array of themes and colors. Of course, the room will change with the age of the girl and a princess themed decor will be changed from fashion themed interior or something else which will reflect the character, individuality and interests of a young lady. Flower themed interiors, however, are suitable for girls of all age and we shall show you different ways to introduce them in the design and decoration of your girl’s bedroom.

flower themed interiors girl bedroom design ideas and tips


All women love flowers for their beauty, scent, and of course, adorable and beautiful colors. From the tender pastel shades of spring flowers to the eye catching splendor of autumn flowers, the variety is huge and Nature offers numerous options to choose from. The room of a girl is a world filled with romance. The design requires a special approach so that a young girl grows in a stylish environment and learns to appreciate beauty.

Flower themed girls room interior design ideas

awesome flower themed girl bedroom interiors ideas

For thousands of years people surrounded themselves with flowers – they grow in flower beds, they are on paintings, we give a bouquet to each other for holidays. And this is not surprising – the world of flowers is bright and diverse and leaves no one indifferent. In interiors, flowers are found in pots on window sills and, of course, on walls – in delicate wallpaper patterns. Buds, leaves, stems or whole bouquets can fill the room with color and add a special romantic atmosphere.

DIY beautiful wall decor ideas girl bedroom blossoming tree

Many parents of little princesses are faced with the decision to create a beautiful and practical children’s room. Flower themed girls room interior design ideas are universal and you can choose small or large floral patterns for decorating a girl’s room. Girls like flowers at any age which makes this type of interior decor appropriate both in the baby girl and in the teenager’s room. It can be a small floral ornament like in Provence or Shabby-chic style or wall murals with large naturalistic images. A room decorated with many flowers on the walls, the bed, the curtains and the bedspreads, will be great company of your daughter during the day and the nights. Let’s see how you can do that!

girl bedroom decorating ideas flower theme wall decor ideas

Color choice depends on the age of the child, her preferences and, of course, on the design of the room. Do not forget that colors surrounding the child affect his psyche. Experts advise to select calm, natural tones. It is better to avoid the popular “acid colors” but choose take the time-tested classics – pale blue, green, light green, beige, light pink, etc. They are unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye.

Flower themed girls room interior design ideas – tips and tricks

floral wallpaper baby girl nursery room design ideas

Applying floral wallpaper is the easiest way to create the ideal decor. How to choose the right wallpaper with flowers for your girl’s bedroom? It seems that choosing floral wallpaper is simple. However, floral motifs come in a plethora of patterns, colors and combinations. The first component of floral wallpaper is the background. White, yellow, light gray, pale green or pale pink – you need to choose as per the overall color scheme of the room so that shades blend harmoniously. You can find more vibrant background colors – red, blue, green, orange, blue which will be ideal if you plan an accent wall, for example. The next element of floral wallpaper is the flowers themselves – they can be large or small, single or arranged in bouquets, plain or multi-colored. Monochrome buds on a light background have a more delicate look, bright bouquets look playful and wallpapers with patterns that combine large and small flowers look very elegant. Choose in accordance with the style of the interior. Floral wallpaper is typical for Provence and Shabby chic interiors. The spirit of the French province dictates its own rules and simply obliges to have flowers in the interior. For Provence, vintage and Shabby chic style, choose wallpapers with roses or wildflowers that will accurately convey the atmosphere of French country. Wallpaper with imitation of watercolor painting also looks very interesting.

Bedding sets with flower prints

flower themed girls room interior design ideas pink green bedding and curtains

Flowers are one of the most popular patterns on bed sheets and sets. You can find them on any fabric, because flowers are a symbol of beauty and perfection. You can choose solid color bed sheets and add a comforter or a duvet cover. Of course, when choosing bed sheets for children you should select high quality fabrics and prints.

Curtains, carpets and decorative pillows

flower themed girls room interior design ideas bedding set and curtains

Many parents combine bed sheets and matching curtains. You can choose that option or buy curtains with flowers as an accent to the interior. If you prefer to introduce the flower theme in that way, make sure to choose the color in accordance with the chosen palette for the interior of the room.

girl bedroom decorating ideas floral carpet in bright colors

An area rug with beautiful colors is another creative way to decorate the room of your girl and add a pop of color. The market offers interesting options in bright or pastel colors.

decorative pillows girls bedroom ideas

Decorative pillows and cushions are the easiest way to add a fresh touch to girls’ bedrooms. You can buy them from a store or choose a fabric and sew them by yourself as a DIY project.

Furniture ideas for flower themed girls’ bedrooms

beautiful girl bedroom ideas floral motifs in interior design

Furniture pieces decorated with flowers are just magnificent. They look feminine and romantic and you can use decoupage technique to refresh a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. Lamp shades, flowers in pots, paper flowers, photos in frames, etc. – all of these can be used as decorative elements in a girl’s bedroom.

awesome flower themed girls room interior design ideas in pastel colors

Enjoy the photos in the gallery below and the inspiring ideas for flower themed girls room interior designs.



wonderful nursery decor baby girl room floral wall art prints

white and pink baby girl room with floral themed decor

how to use flower decorations in girl bedrooms

girl bedroom decorating ideas floral bed sheets and wall decals in bright colors

DIY girl bedroom furniture ideas decopage chest of drawers

cherry blossom tree wall decal for baby girl nursery room

baby girl nursery rooms wall art flower themed decoration ideas

baby girl bedroom nursery ideas flower theme decor bed sheets



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