Dot wall decoration ideas – super fun ideas for nursery rooms

by Kremy

polka dot and confetti pattern wall decor ideas for nursery rooms

The nursery is perhaps the perfect place for decorating with dots. Dot wall decoration ideas vary from random dots, to polka dots or confetti pattern and each of these is so bright and joyful! We selected some magnificent examples to inspire those of you who have not decided what type of wall decoration to use for their children’s room.

pastel color wallpaper with dots in kids rooms


Nursery room design is connected with a lot of pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant moments. This is always a responsible process that requires proper attention, especially when it comes to decorating and furnishing the room of a small child. You just cannot afford to make mistakes here. Yes there are many questions and many decisions to be made – what type of flooring is better, what wallpaper? Are all materials safe for the baby? What is more suitable for boys and girls? And many more questions arise so parents need some help and advice. Kids’ room wall decorations come in so many cute and eye catching patterns and whether you choose wallpaper or paint, there is a variety of creative and original ideas. In some situations, designers come to the rescue. They know how to ensure a good mood for a young gentleman or princess with the right choice of wall finishes. You can trust them that confetti pattern or polka dot wall decoration ideas will create a great mood in your child’s room.


What are the advantages of dot wall decoration ideas?

grey and white baby room design wall decor ideas combined wallpaper

One of the most important considerations when choosing wall finishes for nursery rooms is that wallpaper, paint or any other finish should be, first of all, safe and environmentally friendly. Of course, the younger the child, the more practical should be the wallpaper for the children’s room. Before you buy dot wallpaper for the wall in the nursery, it is necessary to understand all the pros and cons. Dots are a simple pattern that has been popular for many years. It can be used for the decor of children’s room in any style – vintage, traditional or modern. The main task is to choose the right color and diameter of the dots. Designers advise to choose polka dots wallpaper for decorating children’s rooms in case you want to create a lively environment and atmosphere, interesting and exciting at the same time, but the whole interior must not be fussy and tasteless. This means that you need to carefully choose color and furniture pieces to create a room that will have a positive effect on the child’s psyche.

colorful polka dots and stripes wall decor ideas

Some of the positive aspects of confetti and polka dot patterns are that they create a relaxed and pleasant environment. Bright polka dots perfectly highlight a particular area in the room. If you want to create an accent wall, large dots in bright color, for example red, are the ideal pattern. According to psychologists, dots on a plain background develop the imagination of children. That is why the most successful place for such wallpaper will be the game zone. Dots can help you to visually expand or, on the contrary, narrow the space in the nursery depending on their position. You can arrange them in vertical or horizontal lines.

colorful dot wall kids room decorating ideas

The main problem that may arise is to overdo the decoration. Brightly colored polka dots emphasize dynamism and an excessive amount of small dots does not have a very good effect on psychological well-being. They may irritate the eye which is not good. Experts advise to use dots in bright colors in niches or use the pattern to decorate just one wall. If you want to decorate all the walls with polka dots or confetti pattern, then choose small sized dots in light or pastel colors. If the dots are barely noticeable, it will soothe the child.


Wall decoration ideas and successful color combinations

adorable rooms for kids with beautiful wall decoration

Polka dots for the nursery are the perfect decoration. The child spends most of his time in this room, plays with friends, has fun, and it is the dot print that helps for the good mood. Dot wall decoration ideas can be used to create a sweet, peaceful and joyful or a bold interior design. To many people, this pattern is suitable for vintage interiors as it reminds them of the seventies of the last century when polka dots were at the peak of their popularity. Bright or almost invisible, large or small, monochromatic or multicolored, there are many options to choose from. Here are some tips how to choose the color and diameter of the dots:

large polka dot wall decor DIY kids room ideas

An important factor is the diameter of the dots and the background color. Bright shades of medium and small sized dots are good for playing areas while calm tones are ideal for the sleeping area. Multicolored dots are never boring and add energy to the interior but they are not suitable for learning area as the child will be constantly distracted from the educational process, staring involuntarily at the brightly colored dots. Small dots in modest pastel shade are pleasing to the eye with the unobtrusive pattern. Such vintage decorations are more suitable for rooms of a very young girl or a newborn child.

baby room ideas dot wallpaper and matching curtains

Of course, you can take advantage of DIY dot wall decoration ideas and use a variety of techniques. It is not necessary to buy wallpaper as you can do everything with your own hands. You can paint the dots in the desired diameter and color or use stencils. First you need to paint the wall in one specific color which will be the background and then use a round stencil to paint the dots in any color suitable for the interior of the nursery room. Another option is to use wall decals or pre-cut circles from any material that you have at hand, even from textile or wallpaper remnants. Remember that wall decoration should be in moderation and with taste!

blue bedroom ideas for girls polka dot wallpaper

How to combine dots on the wall with furniture and textile? You can combine dots with thin lines or geometric ornaments, with complex abstract drawings or with small floral elements. You can add decorative pillows, curtains or bedding with the same color and dot pattern as well.


advantages of dot wall decoration ideas

polka dot wall decorating ideas pastel pink and white

pink and white girl bedroom design with gold polka dot wallpaper

nursery room ideas wall decor wallpaper with polka dot pattern

nursery room design dot wall decoration ideas

kids rooms wall decor dots in bright colors

kids room ideas polka dot wallpaper purple shaggy rug

kids bedroom playroom decorating ideas dot wallpaper pink carpet

gray and white interior in nursery room with polka dot wallpaper

girl bedroom ideas canopy bed and dot wall decor

cute polka dot wallpaper and wall decal ideas for childrens bedrooms



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