Geometric decor for nursery, kids and teenage bedrooms as a cool accent

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Geometric decor for nursery kids and teenage bedrooms

Circles, triangles, rectangles, squares or hexagons, abstract motifs and patterns – geometric decor is very popular and it found its place in nursery rooms, kids and teenagers’ bedrooms. These interesting patterns and motifs are a great way to create an accent wall, add visual interest or color splashes or just add the finishing touches to the modern interior in the room of your child. In interior design, geometric shapes and lines are quite common. Most often, zigzags are used in bedrooms and living rooms as a replacement for bright colors.

Geometric decor – choosing shapes and patterns

striped wallpaper canopy bed and white furniture girls bedroom


Despite their uniformity, geometric lines create interesting accents and a sense of dynamic and vibrant interior. However, choosing the type of figures can be a hard decision as their different appearance creates different visual effects. Generally, all figures are divided into two types – rectilinear and curvilinear. Squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. are in the first group and circles and ovals are in the second one.

grey and yellow nursery room decoration stripes wallpaper

Squares and rectangles are associated with clarity and correctness. Using them in the interior creates a sense of reliability and stability. Straight lines visually increase and expand the space. Horizontal stripes visually expand the room and “lower” the ceiling at the same time. This option is ideal for small spaces. If you need to add height to a low room visually, use vertical stripes.

gold circles and dots wall decorating ideas for nursery

Ovals and circles are very calm and harmonious patterns and blend harmoniously in almost any interior design. Like stripes, circles and ovals are a great choice for nursery rooms and kids’ bedrooms.

zigzag accent wall original nursery room decorating ideas

Zigzag is bright and dynamic. As per psychologists, this pattern is inspiring and creates a sense of strength. Zigzag can be successfully combined with other geometric shapes and can fit into almost any interior. It can be introduced in the interior design with the help of wallpaper, curtains, carpets, pillows, bedding, furniture upholstery, etc.

harlequin wallpaper geometric decor ideas for nursery

Rhombus, or diamond patter, if you prefer, is often found in textile – bedding, pillows, curtains, rugs, etc. You can use it as a wallpaper pattern on an accent wall as well.

creative and original kids bedroom furniture ideas with geometric shapes

Triangles are often associated with anxiety and danger due to the sharp angles. Experts do not recommend using them as a decor in kids; rooms but you can combine them with round and oval shapes which will balance the sharpness.

Geometry is important not only in school, but also in the interior. Geometric patterns are universal, unobtrusive and spectacular.

How to introduce geometric decor in kids rooms –tips, tricks and techniques

original shelves with geometric shape in girl bedroom

When planning geometric decor in kids rooms one should consider not only the patterns and shapes but the proper color palette for the age of the children. Experts advise to use calm colors as a background and rich colors for geometric patterns. However, if you decorate a nursery room for a small child, you need to use soft shades which will not excite the psyche of the baby and bother him. It is best if you select smooth patterns or if you prefer strict lines and shapes from the rectilinear group, make sure you use soft pastel colors.

DIY geometric wall decoration teen room

If you plan the interior design for teenagers or young people, then clearer and sharper lines are possible, as well as a rich palette. Dynamic corner shapes that symbolize speed and courage are quite ok. You can play with color combinations – monochrome background and delicate patterns or sharp contrasts, for example, black and white.

You can introduce geometric decor in kids’ rooms in different ways – as wall decor, in textile, furniture, etc. Let’s look at the different interior design and decorating techniques.

Using wallpaper and wall paint for geometric decor

Hexagon honeycomb pattern wall decoration in green and yellow in a nursery

Geometric wall decoration ideas are widely popular for nursery rooms and for the rooms of children at pre-school age as well as teenagers. For example, a pronounced geometric pattern can decorate one wall in the room if you want to create a focal point. You can use an interesting wallpaper or paint the figures by yourself as a DIY project. You will need paper tape to set the pattern and wall paint. The choice of colors will depend on the overall style of the room. For example, discreet pastel colors and calm shades are typical for Montessori nursery rooms. For girls’ rooms pastel shades, pink, purple, beige and light gray are undoubtedly the most popular colors. For an extra touch of glamour you can add geometric decoration in gold. Blue and mint green in combination with gray and beige are great for boys.

Using stencils is another easy wall decorating technique which allows you to create a unique design in the room. You can create a stylized cityscape with rectangles, a mountain view with different sized triangles or just a free style pattern. Remember, that children love to be involved in such activities and would be more than pleased to help you and take part in the decoration of their room. If you decorate a teenager’s room, make sure you discussed the pattern, colors, size of shapes, etc.

Introduce geometric decoration using textile

nursery room decor ideas zigzag fabric bedding set and armchair upholstery

Textile is important in the decor of any room in the house. Using textile to introduce geometric decoration in the nursery room provides a lot of options and you can choose from quite many ideas. One of the easiest ways for geometric decorations is to buy bedding sets with such shapes and patterns. The market offers quite a lot of options with different patterns and in almost any color. In this way, you will be able to change the shapes and color accents in the room. A bedspread is another easy way for geometric decoration in the room. It can be complementary to the color palette or shapes that you already chose or add an accent color.

Curtains and decorative pillows add the finishing touches in the decor of the room. Pillows can be used not only as bed decoration, but especially in teen bedrooms, they are the ideal floor seating. Beanbags, ottomans, poufs – all of these are great pieces for teen rooms so take advantage of them to introduce geometric decoration and cool patterns to the interior design and make it modern and comfortable.

modern geometric shapes kids area rug creative decor ideas

Do not underestimate the effect of a beautiful carpet! Most parents understand that a carpet in a child’s room is not only a functional element but also a decor. It can be a wonderful accent and you can use carpets and area rugs to add geometric lines and shapes to the decor. For example, diamond patterns are never boring or annoying. They look very dynamic and create a positive atmosphere in any room. Striped carpets and area rugs can complement the color palette of the room, add freshness and break a monochromatic interior when used as a bright accent. However, you need to keep in mind that you should not use a striped carpet in rooms that are already saturated with patterns. A carpet with a zigzag pattern is dynamic and creates an impression of constant movement. Zigzag has similar characteristics as the stripes– it can expand the room visually. You can combine a carpet or area rug with a zigzag pattern with decorative pillows or abstract paintings with zigzag patterns. But it is important not to get carried away, otherwise you risk overloading the room. Circles and semi-circles on the carpet add liveliness and are a good choice for the nursery or teenager’s rooms. One thing that you need to remember is that graphic elements are a highlight of the interior, their large number overloads the room, so try not to overdo the geometric elements.

Geometric shaped furniture pieces and decorative accessories for kids’ bedrooms

Modern wall decor from metal geometric animals

Furniture is all about geometry but you can play with it. You can be really creative when choosing shelves and storage furniture, accessories and decorative elements. For example, triangular shelves will be a great geometric element and will save floor space. You can find many different and original shelving ideas on the internet and if you are skilled at DIY projects, you can easily make a hexagon, squares or houses, even abstract lines and irregular shapes. Whichever design you choose, you will have an original piece of furniture which will also serve as a geometric decoration in the room. In addition, you can paint them in different colors so that your shelves match the color of the rest of the furniture or simply leave the natural wood color and grain. Storage baskets in striped or zigzag pattern or made of fabric with geometric figures is another option for the decor of the nursery room. Look at the gallery below and you will find out many amazing and incredibly creative ideas.



polka dots gold confetti wall decorating ideas for nursery room

original wall decal in gray and white geometric decor ideas for nursery

kids room shelf ideas geometric decor original furniture

kids bedroom accessories toy storage ideas fabric with stripes

how to introduce geometric decor in kids bedroom tips and tricks

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