Modern baby nursery style in neutral colors – decor tips and ideas

by Kremy

stylish nursery ideas gray walls white furniture

The choice of color in a child’s room is a very important task. Many parents believe that the children’s room should be decorated in all colors of the rainbow, and the brighter the better. We will show you how you can take a different approach and create a modern baby nursery style in neutral colors. The color scheme of soft neutral hues fits perfectly into the room of the newborn and creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for your child to grow.

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modern nursery room design ideas beige shades


Beige is not the most popular choice among designers as a major color in the interior of the room for the baby. However, there are wonderful examples of modern baby nursery style in neutral colors featuring beige. When used properly, beige has a positive effect on the child. This color is so often found in nature (sand, autumn leaves, wood), and it has a calming effect. Beige color is suitable for both boy’s and girl’s nursery room. Nursery rooms in beige tones can be furnished in the same color or a few shades darker. Beige works great with other natural colors: gray, olive, blue, yellow, milky white, peach.

elegant nursery room beige wall color gray accents

beige white interior chandelier


Modern baby nursery style furniture ideas white baby crib

neutral colors beige wall color poster baby cot

neutral colors beige brown wooden furniture

neutral wall color white furniture set


small nursery design white gray colors wall stripes baby cot armchair

Modern nursery style in soft gray shades looks beautiful and very stylish. Grey is a versatile color, which is suitable for both boys and girls, as many times parents do not want to know the baby’s gender in advance or want to arrange a room for opposite-sex twins. Walls painted in soft shades of gray have a calming and relaxing effect on the child and in this room the child will always sleep well and will not be capricious. Classic gray color does not look cold and sterile like white, it is a very warm and welcoming color that blends with other bright hues and tones that will allow you to add color accents to the nursery room interior. Neutral gray walls can be decorated with fun prints and patterns that children will love, and you can add home furnishings or accessories in blue or pink, depending on the sex of the child.


neutral colors wood flooring gray white colors

nursery room ideas white furniture armchair

modern nursery room design small nursery ideas neutral colors

modern nursery room design ideas gray baby cot

Modern baby nursery style neutral colors gray white interior yellow accents

nursery style neutral gray white interior wallpaper with stars

Modern baby nursery style neutral colors gray white interior design

Modern baby nursery style neutral colors gray wall color white crib wall mural

neutral colors gray wall color red accents

Modern baby nursery style elegant interior white furniture


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