15 sweet ideas for the nursery room wall decoration

by Kremy

sweet green nursery room wall decoration

15 sweet ideas for the nursery room wall decoration waiting for you – be inspired by our ideas and create a cheerful atmosphere for your child with a little imagination ! Our ideas for wall stickers and color combinations are suitable for both boys and for girls.

creative nursery room wall decoration idea

If you look around for fresh ideas for the nursery room wall decoration, then you must start with choosing the right colors. Think in perspective – the traditional colors of light pink and light blue are indeed suitable for small babies. In any case, if the child grows up a bit, even little things begin to draw his attention. Therefore, the child needs new exciting color images. You can opt for beige, gray or even white as a background color, and then add exciting accents with funny wall stickers with animals, plants, trains and everything. Important in the choice of motifs is mainly that they move. Unisex motifs are birds, trees and funny animals (elephants, monkeys, and many other).

Sweet Nursery room Wall sticker Africa

Experiment with the selection of the patterns – monkeys, elephants, or just clouds. Single color or multicolor stickers – when the background is rather neutral, you can add colorful ornaments in the design, if your walls anyway have other decorations, you opt instead for monochrome models. Nursery room wall decor is easy once you hold the decoration in the frame. Too much decoration can confuse the baby and also the little ones have their own taste. So you leave enough free space for later, so you can build shelves and hang family photos.

girls decal animals

Nursery room wall decor style for little princesses can also be creative – Bambi, sweet birds, the child’s name and cute animals in pink are very appropriate. Butterflies and flowers are exciting and romantic decorating ideas. Be inspired by our ideas and create a cute interior!

Bambi motifs

Train Wall Decal

Wall Decals Boy airplane

funny pink birds

sweet Wall Decals Boys

Clouds Green Wall

Yellow Bird Decal Nursery

 Wall Decals Elephants

nursery room monkeys

boy girl wall decoration


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