Summer Gender Reveal Party Ideas: Will My Baby Be a Girl or a Boy? How to Meet This News?

by Snezhana Besarabova

When you are a parent, expecting your baby to be born soon, of course you are full of curiosity whether the little one will be a girl or a boy. What about finding out the long awaited news in the most incredible way, on a celebration among your friends? If you don’t mind trying, summer gender reveal party ideas will offer you an amazing opportunity to mark the striking news, in an event that leaves lasting memories.

Invent Summer Gender Reveal Party Ideas for the Last-Minute

outdoor gender reveal party ideas it's a boy what a delight

The highlight of the summer gender reveal party ideas are the last minutes when everyone is waiting impatiently to find out if the baby will be a boy or a girl. So, there are a few creative ideas to help you make these brief moments memorable:

  • Balloons bursting in colors: Fill black balloons with colored confetti or powder. Gather the guests to stay around the excited parents, which pop the balloons simultaneously and reveal the hidden color, representing the baby’s gender.

what are some cool gender reveal ideas a black baloon

  • Scratch-off cards with message: Prepare DIY scratch-off cards with a hidden written message: whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Hand them out to the guests, and let them scratch off the coating to read this special notice.
  • Shooting confetti cannons: Buy cannons that are filled with colored confetti indicating the gender. Take your guests in some pleasant outdoor area, like a park or near a lake, and let the parents-to-be simultaneously shoot the cannons. The released confetti will unveil what baby will be born.

summer gender reveal party ideas outside party it's a girl a joy

  • Hide your message in popsicles: One fun idea is to cool your guests off with a sweet pink or blue frozen treat. Make your own popsicles in two colors, or buy colored ones from a nearby grocery store. You can either have pink or blue popsicles for your guests as a treat throughout the party, or you can bring them out in your baby’s gender color immediately after your reveal, to celebrate the surprise!

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Summer Themed Gender Reveal Ideas

summer gender reveal party ideas baloons in the park what is the gender

With its warm weather and exciting atmosphere, this season offers the ideal possibility for fantastic summer gender reveal party ideas. So, think up for thrilling situations to make your celebration unforgettable, considering the ideas:

  • Summer gender reveal party ideas on beach. Organize the event on some picturesque beach surrounded with sand, seashells, and beach balls. Fill a large beach ball with colored in blue and pink powder or confetti, and have the parents-to-be throw it into the air for an exciting reveal of the baby’s gender by the appeared color.
  • Delightful discovering picnic in the park: Organize a joyful picnic in a scenic park. Ask guests to take with them blankets, and give each of them balloons filled with helium. When the expected moment of revelation comes, let everyone release the balloons simultaneously to discover the baby’s gender by the color of the balloons.

summer gender reveal party ideas a blue baloon for a boy a pink for a girl

  • Ice cream revelation: Cool off in the summer heat with an ice cream, served in two flavors, symbolizing each gender. One clever combination is blueberry for a boy or strawberry for a girl. Guests can then uncover the baby’s gender by the flavor they’ve found out.
  • Tropical paradise discovering party: Take the guests to a tropical paradise like Hawaiian for a fiesta. Decorate the venue with an abundance of flowers, and serve refreshing tropical drinks, while have the parents-to-be wear leis with hidden colored flowers that reveal the baby’s gender.

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What Do Guests Bring to a Gender Reveal Party?

summer themed gender reveal what kind of gifts guests to bring

Before going to a gender reveal party, you should thoughtfully prepare your gift or contribution to celebrate the upcoming birth of the little one. What should the guests bring there? There are a few interesting ideas, which match this kind of celebration:

  1. Gender-neutral gifts: Since you still don’t know whether a girl or a boy will be born, the best approach is to purchase a neutral gift. Parents will appreciate the possibility to receive baby blankets, books, clothes, or care essentials that can be used regardless whether a girl or a boy is the baby.
  2. Keepsakes gifts: Make a personalized gift, such as a handmade blanket or pillow for the little one, with written baby’s name or initials. These thoughtful and clever gifts will bring a delight to the celebration.
  3. Food and beverage: In case you’re not sure that you want to give a gift, bringing food or beverage to share with the other guests is always welcomed. Suitable suggestions to take with you is a plate with homemade cookies, a platter of finger foods, or a refreshing summer drink.

summer gender reveal themes a brother or a sister baby

These ideas will help you make the most of this special occasion. Enjoy the summer vibes and celebrate the arrival of a precious cause for a party!

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