Grey nursery room design ideas – create a harmonious environment

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exceptional grey nursery room design ideas for boys and girls

While waiting for their baby young parents plan the nursery room, furniture, decoration and all the details that will create a warm and safe environment for their little one. Many parents study catalogues and go to interior stores choosing a cot, wallpaper, chest of drawers, etc. We want to focus your attention on grey nursery room design ideas and see the pros and cons of this color, why it is a good choice for the room of the baby and how to combine it with other colors.

neutral nursery grey shades wall stripes white crib and changing table combo


Grey is not a color that is associated with a happy childhood. When it comes to nursery rooms, people are used to think in sky blue, soft pink and bright primary colors – yellow, red and blue. However, grey is one of the colors which look surprisingly well in children’s rooms. Even if you think that grey is a strange color for a baby room, read on and look at the photos in the gallery. It is quite possible that you will change your opinion and gook at grey shades in a completely different way.

Grey nursery room design ideas – pros and cons of neutral shades

baby girl room ideas in neutral colors white grey and pink accents

Grey is one of the basic colors, which is ideal for children’s room walls and furniture. It is so versatile that it can be used to decorate the room of both girls and boys, a newborn baby and a teenager. This color is able to balance the diversity and even a mess of bright toys, pillows and other children’s things. Like any other color it has pros and cons and when you choose the palette for a nursery, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the main tone.

Does grey mean colorless? More or less, the answer to this question is yes. Grey is not on the color wheel, it is a derivate of white and black. But when we talk about interior design and decoration, this is an important color which is widely used both as a primary and as an additional color. Grey color in the interior of the nursery varies significantly and parents have an abundant choice of shades – from anthracite and granite to the palest and lightest tones. Even silver belongs to the group of grey shades. In one word, the grey color in the interior of the nursery can be as diverse as the whole palette of the rainbow.

nursery room in neutral colors how to use grey in interior design of kids rooms

Grey nursery room design ideas are based on creating a special room for the baby. A child spends a lot of time in the children’s room, and the most exciting memories of his life are often associated with this space. The space should be arranged to simultaneously accommodate a sleeping are, a school area, a play and sports area, a place to store toys, books and other accessories. Parents who have chosen grey shades for the interior of the nursery room should keep in mind a few important considerations and carefully discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the color.

Grеy color is very appropriate when you want to create a calm atmosphere and a sense of security and stability. It is an ideal choice for the room of excitable and active children. The calm tones of wallpaper and furniture will not annoy the child or distract him.

pretty baby room ideas grey bedroom silver star wallpaper

Grey is a very practical color choice for nursery rooms. It is simple, spectacular, and versatile. A nursery room in grey is suitable for boys and girls. This color scheme is an excellent alternative to white or too light decor. It is also suitable for siblings’ rooms.

Grey comes in a huge variety of shades and can be combined with almost all colors. For children’s space this is of great importance. Grey background is perfectly combined with small details in bright colors.

The color is suitable for many design styles – classic, traditional, modern, even for retro style interiors.

grey and white nursery room design with striped area rug

On the downside of grey nursery room decor we have to point out that when used improperly the color reduces the space and the room may look small, uncomfortable and boring.

Cold shades can create an unpleasant atmosphere and lack of coziness. You should avoid using the color if the windows of the room face north or for the most part of the day are in the shadow or add bright color accents which will warm the overall look.

Avoid using exclusively grey in the interior of the children’s room. A monotonous dominance can cause depression, lack of appetite and mood changes as well as problems with sleep.

Grey nursery room design ideas and suitable color combinations

adorable baby room ideas grey nursery designs

Grey is considered the most neutral tone that exists in nature, in some way the border between white and black. Designers claim that grey is the most rewarding shade when decorating a living space as the choice ranges from smoky and steel mid-tones to pearly silver and asphalt.

The process of selecting shades of grey for the interior of the children’s room is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. You will notice that in most grey nursery room design ideas, the neutral shade is used as a background. Textiles, accessories and furniture stand out against the neutral main tone. When combining grey paints with other colors it is necessary to know how to do it. The simplest principle for combining colors is to select adjacent colors obtained by adding color to the main tone. This technique allows you to create different zones in the nursery and highlight certain elements in the room, for example a window or door openings. Here are some ideas for color combinations:

Grey and peach nursery decorating ideas and white furniture

Grey and neutral colors combine beautifully. After all, it belongs to the group of neutrals and works perfectly with each of them – white, beige, brown, black. Grey and white combination is the easiest option for the design of a child’s room. White and grey can be used in any proportion: dominant white and additional grey, 50 to 50 or dominant grey and additional white. Combinations of grey with beige and brown are very calm and serene. Beige and brown shades create a warm atmosphere which is the perfect environment for a small child. The combination of grey and black is suitable for teenager’s rooms as this color scheme is closer to the adult bedroom design.

grey and yellow nursery room baby room design and decorating ideas

Grey and primary colors – blue, red and yellow, are among the most popular choices for the design of nursery rooms. A combination of blue and grey is typical for of children’s rooms for boys grey-red combination will appeal to girls. You will hardly find a nursery room interior with bright red accents as they are rather aggressive and when used in large quantity they excite the nervous system. Muted tones and discreet shades from the red palette are more appropriate. Remember that pink belongs to the red palette but has a calming effect. Many people think that pink looks old-fashioned and boring, even banal. We disagree and you will see wonderful examples for nursery rooms in grey and pink. Yellow and grey is a great combination. The cheerful accents add light and warmth to the interior. This is a very successful solution for rooms with little daylight.

amazing baby boy nursery room design in grey and blue

Grey and secondary colors – purple, green, orange, allow you to create a variety of combinations suitable for boys and girls. Grey-green and grey-orange are universal choices and are most often used for the design of common rooms for children of different gender or age as green and orange are accepted as gender-neutral colors. Purple in its pure form is also suitable for both boys and girls, but lilac and lavender shades are the choice for girls’ rooms.


Grey nursery room design ideas – choosing furniture and accessories

nursery room color scheme ideas grey and yellow shades

How to choose the best furniture and accessories for grey nursery rooms? To break a monotonous look, you will need lighting fixtures, curtains, bedside mats and color accents which will add positive mood and will make the design more expressive.

Decorative cushions and pillows, as well as wall art for children are a good way to add originality and individual character to the interior. Curtains and furniture in cream color are perfectly combined with grey wallpaper or wall paint.

Textiles in the nursery can be a continuation of the basic color palette and you can choose curtains, blinds or bedding in lighter grey shades. It is best to choose fabrics with pattern – for example geometric shapes, zigzags, floral prints, etc. Grey wardrobes and sofas will look great in nursery room interiors if they are in lighter shades.

Grey nursery room design ideas and white furniture

Do not be afraid to experiment with grey color as it may exceed your expectations when used properly and combined tastefully with other shades. Due to its neutral character you can work with different palettes and create a fantastic interior in the nursery room.



baby girl bedroom color ideas nursery decorating ideas in grey and pink

how to decorate the nursery room grey colors pros and cons

Grey color scheme in baby rooms modern design ideas

baby girl room ideas in white grey and pink

baby room ideas for girls grey wall color with floral decoration

baby girl room ideas grey interior design with pink accents

baby girl nursery ideas beautiful decor in grey and pink colors



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