See through hanging bubble chair – original furniture ideas for any room

by Kremy

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Do you want to create an exclusive and modern interior design? How about a see through hanging bubble chair that will become its highlight? A transparent hanging chair is the perfect solution for almost any room.

See through hanging bubble chair in contemporary apartment


A hanging chair is a stylish and original piece of furniture that has not lost its popularity for several decades. Such chairs are offered made of different materials – metal, rattan, but the most unusual is the Bubble Chair. It was created by a designer from Finland, Eero Aarnio. What are the features of this chair and why not only Finns, but also residents of other countries like it so much?

See through hanging bubble chair – exclusive designer furniture

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In 1966, the visitors of an international furniture exhibition in the German city of Cologne were struck by the ball chair of Eero Aarnio. This futuristic piece of furniture, a hollow sphere on a stand, open on one side to allow a person to sit within, quickly gained worldwide popularity. Inspired by the success the Finnish designer decided not to stop there. He decided to create a chair which allows light – daylight or artificial, to penetrate from all sides. Three years later, in 1968, he introduced a new model – the Bubble Chair which was clear and suspended from above.

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The stylish piece of furniture combines functionality and an amazing look in one design. The chair got its name because of the resemblance to a soap bubble. Visually, it is reminds of the previous work of the designer – the Ball Chair. However, according to the author, the concept of a suspended bubble chair is completely different. Thanks to the transparent acrylic from which it is made, a sense of freedom and flight is maintained. Airiness and maximum light are the main distinguishing features of this unusual piece of furniture. In addition, it creates the impression that a person is floating in the air.

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Despite the visual fragility the Bubble Chair is characterized with significant strength. It is made of a transparent and very durable material, acrylic, which has excellent performance, and in addition, provides a high level of sound insulation. The metal frame gives the hanging chair extra strength. Initially, the designer decided not to design a stand for the hanging bubble chair since this violated the “airiness” of the model. Due to the fact that not all buyers had the opportunity to hang an unusual chair from the ceiling, over time, the Bubble Chair appeared on a special metal stand.

See through hanging bubble chair fits perfectly in any room

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An exclusive interior item, a see through hanging bubble chair is easily attached to the ceiling. This is a great option for the living room, bedroom, nursery, study or even office. The Bubble Chair offers almost complete sound insulation. This gives the opportunity to a person sitting in it to calmly read a book or listen to music without being disturbed from surrounding noises. Soft pillows imitate the seat and back of a regular chair. They can be made in various colors, which makes it easy to blend a bubble chair in almost any interior. Another reason for the huge popularity of the hanging chair is that due to its transparency and classic spherical shape, it successfully combines with other details of both classical and modern interiors.




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Bubble chair in living room modern home ideas

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See through hanging bubble chair original home furniture ideas

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bubble chair original furniture design for every room

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