10 interesting ideas for the garden pool design

by Kremy

10 ideas for garden pool round shape

If your garden is not suitable for a large rectangular pool, you can build a small pool with a round shape so you will have your own personal spa area and small pool in the garden. If the bricks are already present in your patio design, you can use them for the edge of the garden pool design. Set up a BBQ and seating area, and you will have the perfectly landscaped back yard for the summer.

Garden pool design – a retreat for the summer days

10 ideas whirlpool


If you do not have much space for a big garden pool, you can make a spa area on the wooden deck. The deck or patio are perfect for this purpose. Install a hot tub on the top level of the terrace and get a pleasant place for relaxation. The railing of the porch can guarantee you a private space and protection from the prying neighbors. Set a couch or chairs with a table so you have the perfect outdoor place for the summer.

Garden pool design – very private and intimate

small pool ideas plaster wall

A thin wall can transform the area around the pool in the garden into a private zone. You can use the pool area to hide not only from the neighbors. Set the wall so that the space around the water is not visible from the house. The wide deck at the edge of the pool can serve as a bench. Make sure that pool materials are in compliance with the rest of the house for a sensational look. Look at these interesting garden pool ideas below.

pool in garden forest environment

If you have the opportunity to enjoy unspoiled natural landscape in your area, you can easily build the garden pool almost the middle of the forest. The colors are also very important for the pool design. You can customize the swimming pool as an infinity pool looking in the forest. Add a few flower pots with tall plants next to the lounge chairs for more style and naturalness.

pool design natural landscape

If you want to have the dream pool, move it to a place with a breathtaking scenery. If you have enough space, build a small hut next door to store tools and cleaning supplies for the pool. Match the garden pool style with the other elements of the environment.

garden modern design

If your home is in modern and minimalist style, you can also create a garden pool layout in the backyard in such style. Opt for clean lines and less details. You can arrange a mini-garden with grass and rocks in the space between the house and the pool. The wide deck at the water’s edge you can replace with a larger patio area around the pool. Select geometric shapes and classic colors and you will make your modern swimming pool match the style of your house.

garden pool design waterfalls

The water feature in the garden can be quite easily combined with a spa area. A high wall made ​​of natural stone next to the swimming area can secure the private space. For more momentum you can integrate two small waterfalls in the wall – one should flow in the hot tub and the other in the pool. The garden will look complete if you add a few plants in the little nooks.

panorama view

Relax in the pool while you enjoy breathtaking views. Build a swimming pool with an infinity edge so that the effect on the view is enhanced. Plant grass around the edge for a more natural and private space. Align the deckchairs and the rest of the furniture to have an unobstructed view.

pool in garden sun protection

Design the garden water feature in such a way so you are protected from the sun’s rays during your swimming activities. Separate spa and pool area with a low stone wall inside the pool. The umbrellas in the courtyard help to provide a shade during the hot summer days. Add comfortable benches and deck chairs around the pool so you can enjoy a full rest . For more exotic flair you can arrange a stone fountain in the corner of the garden.

pool in garden design luxury backyard

Add a bit of luxury to your garden area. Combine the pool in the garden with a hot tub and create a piece of paradise in your backyard. Select furniture upholstery in neutral and off-white shades. Build an underwater stone wall between swimming pool and hot tub. Incorporate lights around the pool. Thus, you will not only create a fairytale atmosphere in the evening, but will provide more safety.


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