35 cool ideas for homemade wooden pallets furniture

by Kremy

Bed headboard creative home decoration ideas

Here are 30 original and affordable ideas on how to build creative pieces of wooden pallets furniture. The wooden pallets are very convenient because you already have a form, and you can turn it into a bed frame, wooden table or a wall shelf without great changes. They give the room a rustic look and can be easily combined with a stone wall. Whether in the living room or in the garden – the wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and metal.

 Wooden pallets furniture – cozy seat and bed

living room sitting bench wooden pallets


If you are looking for a new design, you can still build a bed or a sofa. All you need is to connect six wooden pallets and then to lay a square pillow. Or you can build a low coffee table from two wooden pallets. If you equip the coffee table with wheels, you can move it easily. Smaller items such as wall shelves are easier to build and provide additional storage space for photos in the living room, shoe shelves in the hallway and flowers on the balcony. Anyone interested in creative decorations, can opt for making wooden pallets furniture – the idea can be found below.

 Wooden pallets furniture for wall decoration

DIY bookshelves wooden pallets furniture ideas

Experiment with these ideas for wooden pallets furniture – you can not only use the shape, but simply use the material. Turn it into a wall covering or a rustic style bed headboard. An interesting idea is to make a gazebo  – you need to join the wooden pallets together and then seal. A children’s house can also be made ​​from them – as soon as it is safe (Sometimes the  pallets are too old and the wood breaks down fairly quickly – so test it out before building a playhouse).

 Build a wooden bed frame

Wooden pallets bed platform bedroom furniture

Nightstand in the bedroom

DIY wooden nightstand pallets timber idea homemade furniture


Kitchen backsplash idea

kitchen backsplash design ideas

Wall decoration – wooden pallets

Wooden wall teenager room

 Living room with wooden wall accent

Wooden wall panelling home crafts ideas

  Selfmade bed in vintage style

Vintage bedroom design ideas wooden pallet bed frame

 Wooden desk pallets – office equipment

unique office equipment wooden pallets furniture

 Wall decoration – painted pallets

simple decorating ideas DIY crafts

 Wooden picture frames

rustic style wooden picture frames

 Rustic planter as wall decoration

rustic planter box balcony terrace home

 Swing and daybed

Outdoor beds design ideas crafts

 Wooden table

DIY coffee table homemade ideas

 Coffee table with rustic design

low coffee table DIY wooden pallets furniture ideas

  Homemade jewelry display stand made ​​of wood

Jewelry hanger wooden pallets furniture design ideas

Cozy garden playhouse

Gazebo garden house wooden pallets ideas

 Garden table and plant holder

Garden table potted plants wooden pallets

 Bed headboard – fresh addition in the kids room 

DIY homemade bed headboard

 Wooden garden house

DIY homemade garden house craft project

 Garden Furniture – homemade romantic lighting

DIY easy to craft garden furniture ideas lantern frame

 Dining table and benches wooden pallets

DIY dining table bench wooden pallets furniture ideas

 Dining table made ​​of colorful pallets

DIY craft ideas dining table

DIY ideas- Flower boxes made ​​of wood

DIY colorful flower case easy crafts

 Hanging planters idea

creative hanging planters ideas pallets wood

 Bathroom table idea

creative DIY crafts ideas bathroom table

 Hallway furniture – shoe racks

Corridor design homemade shoe racks colorful wood

 Bed table made of wooden pallets

 Bed table made of wooden pallets

 Baby rocking cradle

baby rocking cradle ideas

 wall shelf kitchen furniture ideas

 ideas outdoor furniture DIY ideas

ideas living room furniture white sofa

garden furniture sofa table wooden deck

DIY ideas wine rack idea freestanding





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