25 ideas on how to make modern furniture from wooden pallets

by Kremy

DIY wooden pallets furniture ideas coffee table living room

Do you have used pallets, you no longer need? Do not throw them – there are many ways you can turn them into an original piece of wooden pallets furniture. Here are some examples that can help you. Be inventive and create an interesting interior with a little imagination.

 Wooden pallets furniture – crafting a table

DIY coffee table wooden pallets furniture ideas


Here we have included an example of how you can make a nice table of four wood pallets. The table can be changed accordingly depending on the number of pallets. The finishing can be done with paint.

 Patio furniture made from wooden pallets

 garden furniture ideas coffee table used wooden pallets

This table was made of two wood pallets, some L-shaped bracket and gray paint. As a result, a very practical design has been developed which can be used both as a coffee table or as a mini-outdoor dining table. Another example is this simple coffee table made of two pallets, which were joined to each other. Rollers have been integrated in the design – and done! Practical low shelf for books or magazines or anything else you may need. You can paint the table in any color.

DIY wooden pallets modern furniture glass coffee table

Another version of the design – coffee table made ​​of wood pallets. This is a simple idea, but with a modern look. It was made with four wheels, and a glass counter which makes the design look interesting.

Creative coffee table Moroccan style

If you have the opportunity to find several extraordinary pallets, you can make an oriental coffee table. This example is reminiscent of Marrakech and is made of pallets that were found in the proximity of a market. It has a simple design but very nice color combination.

DIY pallets desk

 If you need a table for your computer but do not want to spend great money for it, the design is just for you – make a separate piece of furniture made ​​of wood pallets. For this you need a pallet, longer legs and that is! It will be fun and is a very original idea.

kitchen island wooden pallets idea

As you can see, wood pallets can find an unusual use. You can even make a kitchen island. You will use at least three palettes, tools and paint. Cut the pallets, fasten together your kitchen counter is ready. Paint the pallets in a natural color or in a strong tone. It is an easy task, and has the advantage that you can use your own style.

homemade corner sofas ideas wooden pallets furniture

Even if it is hard to believe this sweet sofa bed was made ​​out of wood pallets. A pallet has been cut in two, and some boards of stainless steel were used for stability. At the end you have the padding – add pillows on the design and the sofa is already finished – comfortable and easy.

homemade child room bed used pallets

Here is a project that you can make together with your friends – for this sofa you need 6 wood pallets. They were painted and covered with pillows. Because the basic structure consists of two rows of pallets, it has provided a very useful storage space.

garden ideas lounge chairs

These lounge chairs were made from pallets -they were tied together with a rope and the rest of the rope was tied to a tree. Beware that you use a consistent rope which can hold your weight. For this lounge chair you’ll need 4 wood pallets that are the same size.

DIY wooden pallets modern furniture daybed

If you need an extra bed, you can build one yourself. It is easy and very inexpensive. In any case, these models are not suitable for adults,but can be used by children. Try the stability of the structure beforehand.

Cat bed homemade

 If you do not need an extra bed, you can build one for your pet. They are very easy to make and very inexpensive. Add comfortable pillows and lovely decoration.

reading corner wood panels wooden pallets modern furniture

If you sometimes need a comfortable seating area for relaxing or reading, you can build it yourself. You only need two pallets and cut them out in the shape that you want. After that stabilize the structure and build a backrest.

homemade wooden pallets bookshelf

Nobody likes dirty shoes, and you can avoid this with a practical shoe rack. A portion of the pallet was hung on the wall – you just have to attach it vertically – and you have an interesting shoe rack used for the corridor. You can even paint it to make it look more attractive.

homemade shoe rack wooden pallets modern furniture ideas

Bookcases can be easily manufactured from wood pallets. You need make no great changes – you just hang the pallet on the wall and that’s it. A cheerful color makes a greater emphasis to the design.

interesting photo wall design

A simple idea for your photo wall – particularly well suited for country-style rooms. You do not need to make any further changes, and can craft not only photo wall frames but also flower pots and other decorations.

DIY balcony flower pot used

An idea for the patio – you can arrange a beautiful vertical wall of flower pots. For this project you will need 1 pallet, soils, flowers, sand paper and glue. As a result, you can create this magnificent structure, which you can then use as a decorative flower pot.

 mirror frame pallets

This elegant mirror is decorated with frames of wood pallets. Functional, safe and interesting – but also very cheap.

DIY chandelier pallets design

A beautiful chandelier with architectural appearance and simple shape – it was made ​​of pallets. After the different sizes have been cut, they were connected in an artistic manner. The results speak for itself.

staircase ideas

Palettes can be used for different things. Several wood pallets can form a staircase. In any case, you should have a prior knowledge for staircase construction. This example is a part of an office structure.

dining table design

 shelves living room furniture ideas

 ideas DIY modern dining table

 ideas console table ideas corridor furniture

DIY furniture ideas coffee table living room




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