25 ideas for homemade wooden pallets furniture

by Kremy

Headboard bed rustic bedroom furniture ideas used pallets

Here are 25 ideas on how you can build original and creative wooden pallets furniture by yourself. The examples that follow here are not only practical, but also interesting and exciting.

Wooden pallets furniture ideas – wine rack

Wine storage rack ideas wooden pallets modern wine cellar


The first idea for wooden pallets furniture is a modern wine rack that was designed by a couple with a taste and appeal for rustic style furniture. The result is  a functional and affordable furniture.

Wooden pallets furniture – open shelves

DIY homemade shelves wooden pallets furniture ideas

These open shelves are not only an excellent example of modern and practical wooden pallets furniture design, but also can be used as a decorative piece in the room. The crafting of these shelves requires minimum cash resources and delivers maximum effect.

kitchen cabinets ideas

kitchen storage space ideas spice shelf

 You can never have too much storage space in the kitchen. There will always be something that needs additional storage space. Shelves are most useful and very convenient in the kitchen – and these were made ​​out of wood pallets. All you need is to take the correct measures and then place the shelving system on the wall.

lothes rack for the corridor

Hall design ideas wooden pallets


This idea is not only colorful, it is also very suitable for a large family – every family member can have their own color, and in this way the hall is always kept tidy.

GArden design ideas table wooden

If you like flowers, here’s an original idea for garden furniture. This sweet bench was made ​​of two pallets – an example of how the design might look like. Of course, you can come up with your own creation, upgrade this one or just leave it natural.

Garden lounge chair

garden lounge chair idea used

If you have a garden, then you would certainly want to enjoy this –  this lounge chair is the perfect example and a nice addition to the bench.

DIY Bed platform wooden pallet furniture ideas

Wooden pallet furniture is also very practical for home and can be used for different purposes. For a bed you need a safe structure.

Baby cot idea

selfmade baby cot ideas

Cheap alternatives to modern furniture, there are not only for adults but also for children. You can create a personal space for your child out of two pallets, where it will surely feel well.

Corner bench

DIY wooden corner bench

 They require less than two hours – it is a cheap alternative that you can emphasize and decorate.

Used pallets daybed

white daybed used

A bed is easy to create, but why stop – you can also create a daybed. Measure the available space and build a storage space. However, this task requires little more patience and time.

Patio furniture idea


Other creative alternative  is a bench for the patio – just relax and enjoy the sun. You not only need wooden pallets, but also cushions and a parasol – and you can enjoy yourself on the terrace during the summer.
Wall panels and shelving systems

Dining table rustic design

You need a lot of patience and some skill to create these because you must first disassemble the pallets and then to assemble each piece on the wall. You will certainly need to cut some pieces, and at the end paint the whole construction. You can also have the following interesting furniture and decorations – flower pot, Christmas tree – an original and inspiring idea, pallets floor and headboards for beds, tables, small coffee tables and living walls – be inspired by the proposals below and and create your own design.
Wall panels of wood rustic living room

Shelves wall panels wood rustic living room design idea

Wooden floor – modern social facilities

Wooden pallets floor modern social facilities

 Contemporary loft interior

modern loft idea

 Small coffee table

small coofee table living room furniture

selfmade flower pot wooden pallets ideas

 patio furniture ideas wooden pallets bench

original design coffee table

 coffee table design ideas

living room wooden pallets daybed frame

furniture ideas wooden pallets table bench

Christmas decoration idea wooden pallet






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