88 Ideas for garden design and how to create a beautiful home exterior

by Kremy

garden design ideas stunning exotic relaxation

Are you looking for fresh and inspiring ideas for the garden design of your home? Take a look at the gallery below as it features fantastic house exteriors and if you are planning to remodel your garden some of these ideas may be useful for you.

asian style garden design bamboo tree rocks


Front yard and back yard and their design play an important role in the overall appearance of the house and also say a lot about the residents. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at a few interesting ideas for a garden layout. Depending on your taste you are sure to find your perfect design for the front yard or backyard. It should match the house style. If the building structure is characterized by emphasized modern simple design, then the garden should also have a simple and elegant look. Some decorative accents are also significant – statues, plant containers, an inviting pool or just a tree – all of these may find their place in your outdoor space.


beautiful garden design outdoor pool marble tiles transparent space divider

Lush plants and colorful flower beds seem as the greatest choice for people who prefer the feeling of homey coziness and romance. Mild lighting and unobstructed view of nature would be a fantastic addition to the inviting atmosphere of your home. Use these ideas for garden design in your own outdoor area – whether it is a backyard or a front yard – and transform them into a real gem. Green plants and a pond of still water have a positive and relaxing effect on people. Both residents and guests will be satisfied. An additional wall would protect you from the eyes of passer-by and protect your privacy.

tiled garden path large flower beds blooming flowers

The design for a garden includes many elements. Think of the fence, the paths, patio flooring. These are significant and visible elements and they should be in harmony with each other and with the overall style of the exterior. Water features and statues are wonderful accents and when illuminated in the evening, they add to the atmosphere in a unique way. Of course, when you plan your garden layout, you need to find a place for a fireplace or a firepit. This will provide an opportunity for great time outdoors with your family and friends.

stunning garden design water features green plants

spacious garden design terraces green plants

small garden design ideas huge plant containers with trees wooden privacy fence

slope garden design terraces retaining walls outdoor lighting

simple garden ideas large lawn Zhukovka XXI

multilevelled garden lawn outdoor pool open area patio furniture

patio design ideas slope garden stiars namly house

patio design ideas landscape garden water feature green plants

original landscape ideas gravel round slabs footpath Haus von Arx

natural garden design rocks stairs bridge

modern minimalist landscape concrete stairs

modern minimalist architecture garden rocks flowers

minimalist architecture concrete patio flooring retaining walls

modern landscape design ideas lawn outdoor lighting ideas

modern house exterior design glass sliding doors garden design mimosa road

modern home garden ideas tiled paths palm trees outdoor lighting

modern home exterior design ideas garden fence concrete low shrubs

balcony garden design ideas white pebbles potted trees

modern garden ideas wodden garden deck gravel paths

modern garden ideas gravel path lawn shrubs

garden ideas outdoor swimming pool retaining walls

garden water features round pond backyard outdoor furniture

modern garden design ideas outdoor lighting pool wooden deck garden wall

minimalist style garden tall concrete walls tree in the center

modern minimalist house garden landscape wooden path rocks palm trees

minimalist house and garden gravel round footpath

minimalist garden design ideas water basin concrete gravel large windows

minimalist garden design ideas water basin concrete gravel

long narrow garden path gravel slabs vertical plant wall

long narrow garden ideas white privacy wall

long narrow garden design concrete slabs gravel

landscape ideas natural stone garden path trees

landscape design wooden path tall privacy wall climbing plants

landscape design ideas wood rocks

Japanese style slope garden retaining walls gravel

industrial style landscape design gravel low shrubs

indoor idea water pond bridge green plants

house garden outdoor furniture blooming flowers Mayfair House

landscape wooden paths gravel low shrubs

house exterior design ideas slope garden massive palm trees

house exterior design ideas slabs low shrubs patio furniture

garden water features basin tree in the center

pond small fountain willow tree center focal point

minimalist house garden design gravel outdoor lighting

landscaping lawn concrete tiles round brick walls

garden landscape large lawn retaining walls

garden landscape wooden fence panels low shrubs

garden landscape design trees lawn

garden landscape design privacy wall concrete stairs plant containers

garden ideas wooden path gravel

modern garden ideas gravel concrete Villa Ixos


garden ideas outdoor furniture dining area

garden design wooden deck pond gravel paths

modern sculpture focal point

garden design modern landscape ideas privacy fence outdoor swimming pool

original path concrete green plants

garden design ideas frontyard gravel

big plant container succulents concrete path

curved pond wooden deck outdoor lounge chairs

white minimalist courtyard tree gravel decorative garden rocks

garden deck large pond gravel low shrubs

frontyard landscaping concrete slabs path low shrubs

frontyard design bridge transparent banisters low fence shrubs

exterior stone path green shrubs

elegant frontyard house entrance birch trees

creative landscape long path concrete slabs gravel pergola

house outdoor pool lounge furniture

creative outdoor lighting brown

garden landscaping minimalist architecture outdoor swimming pool

courtyard design water feature tree

courtyard design tree focal point pebbles different colors

contemporary landscape design backyard outdoor swimming pool decking

modern house exterior tall trees outdoor lighting

contemporary home exterior ideas lawn paved garden path

contemporary exterior design ideas retaining walls small trees

modern architecture rectangular minimalist house garden

modern architecture minimalist landscape gravel

contemporary architecture landscape ideas gravel

contemporary architecture landscape ideas gravel concrete

modern architecture infinity pool large lawn

beautiful house exterior design small patio gravel trees

backyard ideas large lawn outdoor swimming pool

modern home entrance design floating stairs trees green plants


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