10 projects and ideas for homemade garden decorations with tutorials

by Kremy

easy homemade garden decorations stone art ideas

Spring is coming and we look forward to longer and warmer days. We also already think of the pleasant time we can spend in the garden. As a result, we have decided to show you some interesting ideas for homemade garden decorations. The crafts for the garden are fun and with the right materials, it will cost almost nothing.

 1. Homemade garden decorations – flower pots made ​​of concrete

 DIY garden decoration ideas concrete flower pots planters


These fascinating flower pots in different shapes and sizes are a great way to decorate your garden. The concrete may be the best choice for accessories for outdoors because it can withstand any weather and a display of homemade garden decorations adds your personal touch.

 2. Homemade garden decorations – round stepping stones out of concrete

DIY ideas tutorials stepping stones leaf concreteThese two ideas with the large leaves we find very nice for the garden and they are very easy. The materials needed are clear. The mixing ratios of water and concrete are also indicated on the packaging. You just need to decide whether you want to preserve the shape of the leaf or prefer the round shape and create your own and unique homemade garden decorations.

 3. Concrete stepping stones from a rhubarb leaf

DYI projects ideas rhubarb stepping stones

4. How to turn a metal bucket into a beautiful flower pot

DIY ideas flower pots pebbles


A metal bucket, white grout and pebbles play the main roles in this project. The result is a beautiful home for your white flowers.

5. Colorful flower pots at the garden fence

 DIY fun crafts ideas flower pots fence

 These colorful flower pots are a very refreshing idea for the garden fence. Besides, if you have a small garden and not enough room for all the pots, then perhaps the vertical arrangement is the better option.

6. Mini garden pond with water lilies

DIY ideas fun crafts lily flower pot garden pond

7. Picture frame with succulent plants

diy craft ideas garden decoration succulent picture frame wire mesh grille

8. Hanging Baskets

outdoor decoration ideas crafts tutorials hanging baskets planters

9. Asymmetric construction of flower pots

ideas flower pots bird fountain

kids boots flower fence DIY garden decoration craft ideas

tree trunk decoration ideas flowers

seasonal decor ideas

flower pots creative

creative staircase decoration ideas




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