How to Organize a Pool Party – Fantastic Decor Ideas for Any Occasion

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Summer days are here and it is time for fun with family and friends! A pool party is a great option for the summer heat. It will be interesting for children or adults to spend a hot day by the water. How to organize a pool party? How to decorate the poolside and water? What food and drinks to serve to your friends? We shall give you some great ideas so read on!

How to Organize a Pool Party Decor Ideas for Any Occasion

If you have a pool in the backyard then it is unforgivable for you not to have a party by the water at least once during the summer season. What is a pool party? This is simply a party around the pool and the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun and your friends or family in a summer setting.

How to Organize a Pool Party for Children and Adults?

How to Organize a Pool Party for Children and Adults


When you organize a pool party, you need to plan it in advance and all the arrangements will depend on the type, theme, occasion, etc. It could be a birthday party, anniversary, bridal shower, wedding, etc.

Kids Pool Party

organize pool party for kids

Most likely, a pool party for children will take place during the day. Usually it starts at noon and ends at 6 or 7 pm. Make sure that children have inflatable balls, mattresses, armbands, circles and other water items at their disposal. They are useful not only for entertainment purposes, but also for safety. Place umbrellas near the pool to provide sun protection or purchase a small tent where the children can have snacks and drinks. At a party like this, children should not be left to their own. You will definitely need the help of other adults to look after the kids.

Organize various contests and quizzes. Come up with a holiday theme. Let it be, for example, a pirate party. The boys can search for buried treasures, go through relay races, arrange water battles and battles on inflatable boats.

Teen Pool Party

pool party ideas for teenagers

When organizing a party for teenagers, be sure to pay attention to music, entertainment and theme. You can throw a Hawaiian-style party or you can be original and make a New Year, African, Tropical or, for example, a scuba diving club party. Once you come up with a theme, it will be easier for you to decide on music, food, drinks and entertainment.

Family Pool Party

Family pool party ideas

If you finally decide to get together with the whole family, then the area near the pool will be the best meeting place. Dining outdoors with the family is just great! If you plan an evening party, you can light up lanterns and arrange a dancing. When choosing music, try to take into account the preferences of all those gathered so that not only young people, but also the older generation can dance.

How to Organize a Pool Party – Simple Steps to Follow

How to Organize a Pool Party Simple Steps to Follow

When you want to organize a pool party, the first thing you need to do is choose a date. It is best if you plan it for non-working days.

  • Determine the number of guest. The size of the pool and the surrounding area will determine the number of people that you invite. It is important that your guests feel comfortable and not on top of each other.
  • Choose a theme for your pool party. We recommend using seasonal themes. Why? Because there is a huge selection of clothing and accessories to choose from.

How to pack for a pool party

  • Keep alcohol to minimum. Sun and alcohol are a very tricky combination. You need to think over the menu of low-alcohol cocktails and a sufficient number of snacks. Of course, if you are organizing a pool party for children, drinks should be non-alcoholic. Think of fruit punches, water, soft drinks, etc.
  • Stock up on sunscreen. Not everyone will take one with them.
  • Music is the key to a successful party. Take care of that in advance.
  • Entertainment – Contests, flash mobs – be sure to think it over. Pinata, competition for the most beautiful swimsuit, the most stupid jump into the pool, just be creative!

Should we make a decoration around the swimming pool?

easy pool party decorating ideas with balloons

It won’t take much to make your pool party the place to be for the weekend. Prepare everything you need to welcome your guests! Place towels around the pool, umbrellas, small tables here and there with magazines, glasses, bowls of candy … In short, they will just have to settle down!

Inflate several colorful balloons (giant balloons are great) and throw them in the pool. If you are planning to extend the party into the evening, consider solar lights, floor lanterns and other paper lanterns to hang in trees for a great summer party atmosphere.

The key to a successful pool party: balloons and inflatables!

Inflatable pool accessories party ideas

Inflatable pool accessories can be a real game changer! You can choose suitable ones for your theme, for example, flamingo party, fruits, tropical theme, pirate theme, etc. The more the better! Even if you haven’t got a particular theme, balloons are a lot of fun. They are suitable for wedding pool party decorations and can be arranged in arches or other compositions.

The right lighting for a dance party around the pool


pool party decor ideas string lights and balloons

Finally, if it’s a night out, remember that proper lighting is of the utmost importance. Outdoor light bulb garlands are practical and decorative at the same time. Fairy lights and a disco ball are mandatory, especially if you want to encourage your friends to dance! Relax and have a great party!

Pool party food and drinks ideas

pool party ideas and tips

When you organize a pool party, food and drinks will please everyone. Why not organize a barbecue party? Fish, meat, vegetables, skewers – everything can be grilled! When the weather is hot, nothing beats fresh fruit! Serve watermelon, kiwi or pineapple or prepare fruit skewers for dessert, it’s super practical to enjoy them by the pool! If the weather is very hot, consider food that is not too afraid of the heat and will not get spoiled under the sun. Here are some ideas:

food and drinks ideas for your pool party

Here are some other recipes that work well for a pool party:

  • Cheese toasts
  • Antipasto skewers
  • Nachos with guacamole
  • Quesadillas
  • Gazpacho
  • Grilled fish with potatoes and vegetables
  • fruit salad
  • Ice-creams
  • Muffins

inflatable pool party drink floats

Avoid leaving dishes in the heat. Put them back in the fridge once everyone has finished eating, even if it means taking them out for a little snack at a later time!

What about drinks for the pool party? With or without alcohol, the trend is for colorful cocktails, especially when the weather is hot! Frozen cocktails with colored straws, boozy ice cream cocktails, homemade lemonade, smoothies, etc. there are so many possibilities!

How to Pack for a Pool Party?

How to pack for a pool party

It is a great idea to include a list of must-haves in the invitations for your pool party. In this way you will be certain that all your guests will have everything they need for a fabulous time.

  • Towel is the most necessary for both a beach holiday and various events near the pool. It will help you not to freeze and wipe yourself dry.
  • Sunscreen is a must-have when spending time under the sun. Be sure to apply enough sunscreen, especially if you know you are going to sunbathe for an extended period of time.
  • Sun glasses – it may seem obvious, but forgetting your sunglasses may ruin the whole day. You don’t want to be squinting for most of your pool party. Direct contact with UV rays will not benefit your eyes either, so be sure to take them with you.

hat sunglasses towel pool party essentials to pack

  • Hat is not only a beautiful and trendy accessory. Yes, it adds a trendy touch to your summer look but is also a practical accessory to protect your hair and face from the scorching sun.
  • A pareo is great for helping you out when you get out of the pool or want to quickly run to the bathroom.
  • Flip flops are another must have item for a pool party. They are comfortable to wear and will make sure that your feet are not wet and slippery.
  • Change of clothes – there is always a risk of getting wet at pool parties, so you can bring a change of clothes just in case.
  • Swimsuit – In fact, it should be the first thing you put in your bag. You can even pack more than one if you like.


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