Urban Garden Ideas – Transform Your Outdoor Area into a Green Oasis

by Kremy

Urban garden ideas can help you design a trendy, comfortable outdoor area to relax in the open air. City residents are especially in need of communication with nature. Green spaces are not only visually aesthetic, but also ecologically significant.

Urban Garden Ideas Transform Your Outdoor Area into a Green Oasis

One of the main problems in big cities is the shortage of space. However, the fact that you have a small backyard does not necessarily mean that your garden will lack charm and functionality. On the contrary! Trendy urban gardens make the most of the available space and it is quite possible to open the interior to the exterior. Thus, the garden, even if it is minimal, will become more functional.

What Is The Best Location For Your Urban Garden?

Urban Garden Oasis how to design your outdoor area


We have selected a variety of urban garden ideas which prove that nothing is impossible if you have the will to do it. Of course, before starting, you need to have a good idea about daily hours of sunlight, drainage, air circulation, soil, water source, etc. This will determine the types of plants you can grow in your conditions as the elements (sun, wind, rain) will affect them.

urban garden ideas for small backyard

There are different types of urban gardens – backyard, rooftop, balcony gardens and each of these has its own specifics. In terms of decoration and visual appeal, outdoor furniture, finishing materials, plant containers and lighting will help you create the appearance that you want. For example, if you prefer a more traditional look, bricks or pavers, terracotta or clay pots and wrought iron furniture will be the perfect choice. Those who prefer modern and minimalistic designs should opt for concrete, stainless steel, glass and furniture with straight lines to create a modern exterior.

urban garden design deck seating area lawn

Backyard gardens in urban areas vary in size, shape, sloping but there are many options to arrange them creatively. Very often the plot is long and narrow but with proper planning you can divide it into several functional zones – recreation area, dining area, plant-growing area, playground, deck, etc.

Urban Garden Ideas and Design Tips

Rooftop gardens are especially important in cities that are choking on concrete and asphalt, and where there is always a lack of space. Rooftop gardens provide extra living space. In addition to the great aesthetic appeal, ecological properties, green roofs also improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation of the building, as well as extend its service life. Modern technologies make it possible to create gardens on almost any roof.

balcony garden ideas outdoor space relaxing

Balcony gardens are a true classic. There are numerous options to create a balcony garden. In a noisy, dusty and stuffy city, apartment residents have learned to appreciate every minute of their time in nature. This is a useful space that can be used in different ways – you can create a corner for relaxing, an entertaining space, a mini vegetable or herb garden, etc.

What Is The Best Location For Your Town Garden

Green walls and vertical gardens are universal and do not require a lot of space. If you are looking for a green accent on the balcony, this is a great choice. Vertical gardening is getting more and more popular not only because plants improve air quality, but because the space is decorated in a very original way. A vertical garden or green living wall can be as small as a modern painting or it can function as a privacy screen or a partition wall.

Inspirational Urban Garden Ideas and Design Tips

Creative Ideas for your Urban Garden

How to create your own urban garden? Despite the fact that there are different types of gardens, there is one thing that they have in common – limited space. This means that you need to carefully plan and think about details so that the space is used in the best possible way.

Urban gardens need the same as any other garden – soil, water and sunlight. It is best if you draw a sketch of what you have in mind. Visualizing your ideas on paper will allow you to define your space and make sure that it is effectively utilized.

balcony ideas urban garden design with dining table

Find information about the plants that you want to grow in your urban garden. Obviously, the type of garden will determine the type of plants. If you design a small backyard you can plant certain species while if you create a balcony garden, other species will be a good choice. Some plants need direct sunlight while others need partial shade.

Space saving planters are especially helpful for small spaces. Raised beds, containers or hanging flower pots will help you place more plants in a small place. In addition, you will be able to create a more dynamic look and combine colors and materials.

In terms of design and décor, there are many urban garden ideas that can be your inspiration! Think about finishing materials, outdoor furniture, shade options, privacy – all of these elements will help you create a cozy and relaxing outdoor space.

original urban garden design ideas

As you see, it is not very difficult to have an urban garden. You can plan the style, décor and the overall appearance of your outdoor space in a way that it suits your needs and allow you to spend time in the open air.


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