Pool Pergola Ideas – Maximum Comfort for Your Summer Days and Nights

by Kremy

Resting by the water is traditionally considered to be among the most relaxing and pleasing pastime and we have prepared some exceptional pool pergola ideas for you. A lush spot next to the water surface is the best way to ride out the midday heat.

Pool pergola ideas maximum comfort for your summer days

The backyard pool landscape design is really important not only because it determines your exterior but it provides the convenience, comfort and even safety of using your outdoor space. Even if you have a small backyard and a tiny pool, this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the opportunity to organize a recreation area or a dining area in the open air. For those who are thinking about landscaping their own backyard and make their pool space even more comfortable, this publication can be an inspiration.

poolside constructions pergola and lounge furniture


When there is a swimming pool in your backyard, you want to be as comfortable as possible – after all, this is what it is designed for. You can improve it by adding a pool pergola – an element that will make your stay outdoors even more. Such structures provide shading for the pool and the space around it. Moreover, pool pergolas can be really beautiful – and they can transform the space of a suburban area – or any other place where the pool is located.

Pool pergola ideas – functional and beautiful designs

poolside structures ideas covered pergola with fixed fabric roof

By definition, a pergola is an arched structure with a lattice structure. Usually it is placed by the pool, where there are sun loungers on which people lie and relax after getting out of the water. The pergola creates a light partial shade, but does not block the sun entirely. Somewhat reminiscent of Japanese-style gazebos, it will make your time around the pool more enjoyable.

Of course, you need to know the purpose of your pool pergola – do you need it simply as a sun protection option or you plan to entertain friends and family and organize dinners and gatherings. In such cases, you need to consider food preparation area, dining or lounge furniture, lighting, etc.

pool pergola ideas backyard landscape and decor

To create a successful landscaping environment requires a certain amount of attention to detail. The elements must not only be in harmony with the main building and the pool, but also with the nature in your region and that is why pool pergola ideas are so diverse. These constructions differ in size, design and other characteristics. You also need to carefully choose the material of your pool pergola, it can be brick, wood, aluminum, etc. Make sure that the material is suitable for the style of your overall exterior. For example, a modern aluminum pergola will look great in a minimalist backyard but not in a traditional or rustic styled exterior.

pros and cons of pool pergola

Do not forget that since the pergola is in proximity to the pool, the material must be resistant to moisture (and elements, for example – general air humidity, temperature changes, etc.). Metal pergolas must be treated with special anti-corrosion compounds, otherwise it is very likely that you will notice the appearance of rust. Plastic pergolas do not have any problems with humidity, so they can also be a good choice, but due to their low strength, they can be short-lived.

Whichever option you choose, pergolas are a great solution for both the pool and the area next to it. They can make your time even more enjoyable by providing you the best experience possible.

What are the advantages of a pool pergola?

contemporary pool pergola and wooden deck

A pool pergola creates a stylish and original area for relaxation, evening gatherings, and celebrations. It is an independent element of landscape design and become the main focus of your backyard. What are the advantages of pool pergolas?

Attractive appearance

pool structures pros and cons of pergola

Looking at pool pergola ideas one must admit that they look really nice. They add visual interest to the backyard and define an outdoor space making it both practical and aesthetically appealing. Pool pergolas are often used to frame the pool visually and are used as a transition piece from the house to the pool area.

A pergola by the pool provides shade and shelter

backyard pool landscape design ideas pergola with curtains

You are protected all year round. With a canopy or a dense covering of leafy plants, your pool pergola will provide adequate shade, protecting you from sun’s rays and rain.

A pergola by the pool improves your privacy

poolside pergola garden sun protection ideas

This is an important advantage for people who value their privacy and peace. You can add curtains or lattices of plants to your pool pergola which will make sure that you are out of sight from neighbors or prying eyes.

A variety of style and design options

modern pergola pool decorating ideas

As we mentioned above, pergolas come in a wide variety of color, shape, style and materials. Whether you are a fan of modern or classic, you can choose your preferred style and create an amazing atmosphere in your backyard.

A pool pergola adds value to your home

pool pergola curtains chandelier backyard design ideas

Looking at pool pergola ideas, one realizes that such a structure adds value to the home due to the fact that it is a big benefit.

A pergola by the pool provides shade and shelter

Look at the photo gallery and these fascinating pool pergola ideas! Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure to consider different options, both modern and classic.


backyard pergola and firepit pool landscape ideas

pergola by the pool provides shade and privacy

modern pergola pool design and decor ideas

pool design and decor ideas pergola and lounge furniture

pool pergola and dining furniture home exterior ideas

pool pergola ideas and designs firepit lounge furniture

Pool pergola ideas functional and beautiful designs

pool pergola ideas garden design fireplace

What are the-advantages of a pool pergola

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