40 Bohemian Patio Decorating Ideas to Express Your Free Spirit

by Kremy

Bohemian patio decorating ideas allow you to create a personal corner of freedom and lightness in your home while respecting nature and the environment.

40 Bohemian Patio Decorating Ideas

Bohemian style is one of the main decor directions which has not lost its popularity for about 10 years and one or another component appears in the list of trends. It is true that Boho style interiors are exceptional with their unique individuality so let’s see how you can transform your garden or patio into something thrilling and more interesting!

How to create Bohemian style exteriors?

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Boho is an amazing vibrant style inspired by gypsy culture. It is a colorful setting that is perfect for spring and summer. How to convey the character of the style? What furniture and accessories to choose?

The main goal of Bohemian style is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The French term bohemian, in fact, refers to the unconventional lifestyle of 19th century artists, writers and musicians.

Bohemian style offers creative people an active position of self-expression. It requires impeccable taste and a sense of beauty, because it is very difficult to combine many multi-colored and differently textured details. So if you want to transform your boring outdoor space, we will give you some useful Bohemian patio decorating ideas which will help you create an unusual space with a unique character.

Bohemian patio decorating ideas – basic rules, furniture and decor tips

How to create Bohemian style exteriors

How to create Bohemian style exteriors? The answer is simple – let your imagination run wild! Gardens designed on the basis of this concept are free, they are dominated by natural materials, vintage furniture, colorful textile and lots of plants. You may have heard that there are no rules in Boho and you can mix different styles, colors, patterns and textures. When planning your Bohemian style garden or patio, remember that the exterior should reflect your personality and character. Surround yourself with furniture pieces, souvenirs and decorative items that bring memories that remind you of travel and distant countries, revive special moments or are simply associated with important events in your life.

Bright Colors and Details

Boho balcony ideas bright colors textile and furniture

Bohemian style involves the use of vibrant colors. You can choose four or five colors or a whole rainbow of colors depending on the particular stylistic concept – Boho chic, Boho hippie, ethnic or gipsy. The brightness of details can be represented not only by color, but also, for example, by a very active print.

Textiles, Cushions and a Hammock

hammock in boho style garden

When you look at photos of Bohemian patio decorating ideas you will notice that textile is everywhere. Choose colored textile and place them without too much order on sofas, chairs and armchairs: they will be the extra touch that will make the difference. If you are decorating a covered patio or a balcony in Bohemian style, by all means, place a rug on the floor. The market offers area rugs especially made for outdoors and designed to withstand rain and sun rays.

Bohemian patio decor ideas bench and furniture

In a boho garden, patio or balcony decor you can have as many pillows and cushions as you want. They can be of any shape, size and pattern. Particularly popular are the round solid pillows-puffs in knitted covers – they are very comfortable to sit on. Choose handmade textile whenever possible. Ethnic motifs are a typical feature of Bohemian style. It is great if you can find pillows or rugs with ethnic ornaments.

A hammock or swing instantly transforms the space into a secluded corner, a “secret garden” where you can read books or indulge in dreams. Throw a bunch of pillows and a soft blanket on the hammock and your dream getaway corner is ready!

Vintage Furniture

Bohemian garden design ideas ethnic elements textile ideas

Small tables, armchairs, chairs – choose at least one vintage piece. Surprise everyone with a “grandmother’s bedside table” or with a bookcase to place plants and books. Do not be afraid to mix furniture pieces from different styles – a Moroccan coffee table and bamboo chairs, rustic benches and a vintage sofa. The only thing you need to remember is that furniture should be made of natural materials – wood, bamboo, rattan, etc.

Surround Yourself with Green

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Plants, plants, plants. Make your patio a green oasis to feel even more in contact with nature. Original handmade pots and vases can be the perfect accessories and accents in your Boho style exterior design.

Outdoor Lighting

boho style outdoor spaces patio garden balcony ideas

Outdoor lighting will create a romantic atmosphere in a beautiful Bohemian style garden or patio. You will get an impressive effect if you install large, natural rattan wicker garden lamps near your relaxation corner. Solar lamps are an interesting alternative to delicate, graceful lanterns. Classic lanterns made of glass and metal or metal and wood, string lights, candles – there are many options to choose from.

boho patio decor ideas textile lighting tips

Bohemian style does not tolerate emptiness and minimalism, therefore every centimeter of space is actively used. At first glance, it may seem that your garden decor is a chaotic mix of everything. This is a deceptive delusion. In fact, Boho style is an abstract composition of furniture, accessories, colors and textures, built according to specific artistic laws. Do not be afraid to place your favorite items and accessories because boho chic is an eclectic style, so mixing things up outside the box is a good idea!



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Bohemian style garden design ideas

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