Modern Small Balcony Ideas – Make Your Space Cozy and Comfortable

by Kremy

Modern small balcony ideas offer an original design which transforms the space into a cozy and functional area. With proper materials, colors, strict geometric lines and creative use of space even the smallest balcony can become a beautiful space for relaxing after a long day.

Modern Small Balcony Ideas How to Make the Space Cozy and Comfortable

How to transform your balcony spending a minimum of time and money? This is a question that worries many owners of small apartments. The times when this space was used to store bicycles, ski and unnecessary items are long gone and nowadays people try to use all available space.

Where to start from and how to plan the design of your balcony?

balcony furniture ideas vertical garden design


Designers offer a huge variety of original and interesting modern small balcony ideas which transform unused space into a multifunctional area. Let’s see what you need to consider when you plan how to use your space.

Define the function

balcony bench with storage drawers multi functional furniture ideas

The first and most important step is to define the function of the balcony. You need to decide what exactly you will do, how are you going to use the space, what do you need? For example, do you need to store sports equipment, seasonal clothing or supplies, do you need a separate functional area – office, eating area or mini-living room, a reading corner or just a place to relax?

Choose a style

small balcony designs color schemes window treatment

Next, you need to determine the style. You can create your design in accordance with the overall concept of the home or select a style that is completely different from the rest of the interior.

Color scheme

beautiful balcony with comfortable chair and plants


The style, more or less, will determine the choice of color scheme. You know that contemporary interiors are based on neutral and natural colors. Of course, the size of the balcony is also important. For small balconies, light colors which visually expand the space, will be appropriate.

Finishing materials

hanging chair and side table small balcony furniture ideas

Modern small balcony ideas feature a variety of materials. However, natural, environmentally friendly materials are widely popular. If the balcony is not insulated or glazed, choose finishing materials that are resistant to high humidity and temperature extremes. Do not forget that you need to keep into account the load bearing capacity of the balcony. It is better if you opt for lightweight materials. Pay attention to the floor. If your plan to use this space a study, greenhouse or as a reading corner you should consider a warm floor. If the balcony will be used only in warm weather, you can limit yourself to choosing a durable and high quality floor material.

Proper lighting

balcony lighting ideas comfortable outdoor space designs

Lighting is another element that will make your small balcony more functional. The smaller the balcony, the better it should be lit. For an unglazed and non-insulated balcony, you should choose lamps designed for open space.

Compact and multi-functional furniture

multi functional furniture for small balconies bench with storage drawers

Furniture – when choosing small balcony furnishings look for the most compact models. A good choice would be folding, transforming furniture, custom storage systems, multi-functional pieces with several functions – for example, a bench with a storage box. Small furniture pieces and accessories that can be placed on the railing of an open balcony are also a great option.

Limit the number of accessories

small balcony ideas seating space bar counter

Decor and accessories – decorating a small balcony is not different from decorating living spaces. The main rule is – the smaller the area, the less decorative items.

Balcony shade

modern small balcony elegant outdoor space designs

Window treatment – depending on the location of the balcony relative to the sun, there are different options for window treatment. For example, on a sunny balcony, where you plan to install houseplants, you need curtains or blinds. Otherwise, there is a risk that direct sunlight will destroy live plants and flowers planted on the balcony.

Expand the space visually

fantastic balcony designs storage furniture and wall art

To expand the space and make a small balcony visually bigger designers recommend using mirrors, bright accents, stripes, transparent furniture, glass, metal, glossy surfaces, paintings, photos, wallpaper with perspective effect, etc.

Modern small balcony ideas and fantastic designs

balcony designs corner seating area folding table

It may seem that it is impossible to transform a small balcony into a cozy, functional and comfortable place. The photo gallery below features a variety of modern small balcony ideas which will prove you wrong. Here are some tips that may help you decide how you want to use the space, hence determine the function and design.

Relaxation area

how to plan the design of your balcony

Among the freshest ideas for a balcony is to use it as a place to relax. If you are blessed with a view of sea, mountains or a famous landmark, having a coffee in the morning or a drink in the evening make the most of your small balcony. A comfortable seating area and a small table is all you need!

Dining area

dining furniture ideas for small balcony

A balcony can be transformed into a dining area for romantic evenings. Choosing compact dining furniture will solve the problem with lack of space without compromising functionality.

Home office /Workspace

balcony office and seating area modern home designs

Organizing a home office on the balcony is not a revolutionary idea. On the first place, there is an abundance of natural light and even the smallest space can be equipped with a desk or worktop and a chair.

The perfect reading nook

modern small balcony furniture ideas shelving system

All you need for the perfect reading space is comfortable seating and good light. Sounds like a great idea for the balcony, right? Take advantage of your small balcony and furnish it with taste to make it as cozy and inviting as possible.

Storage space

modern small balcony ideas seating area storage furniture

The most common way to use the space on the terrace is as a warehouse and additional storage space. Nothing wrong with that if you do it in style! With the right storage furniture, custom cabinets and decorations, your balcony will be stylish, clean and beautiful.

A garden on the balcony

small balcony modern design dining area vertical garden

Everyone who loves nature, flowers and the freedom they give us, can create a small paradise on the balcony. Vertical gardens look great and allow you to use the available space in the best possible way.





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